Huawei cut off from Google's Coronavirus tracking app?

huawei google coronavirus

In these hours there is a lot of talk about immune, L 'tracking app developed by the Italian government to try to contain the infection from Coronavirus. In the coming weeks it will no longer be the only software method to do this, as it will too Apple e Google they are working together with a dedicated app. In doing so, the two tech giants will allow all those who want to use them, especially in those countries where (unlike Italy) there is no national app. At this point, some have asked themselves a more than legitimate question: but what will happen in the case of Huawei?

No, Xiaomi does not make fun of Huawei, but it is Google's "fault"

Google will allow us to track the Coronavirus, but not on Huawei smartphones

For those who are wondering, the Google and Apple app should work identically to our own immune. Since a closeness between individuals is necessary to give rise to a possible contagion, it will be technology Bluetooth LE to allow this tracking. In order to safeguard privacy, smartphones will communicate with each other by exchanging small data packets, without the aid of GPS. In doing so, each smartphone will record this contact anonymously.

The moment an individual is diagnosed with Covid-19 infection, they will be able to report it on the app in question. In doing so, all users who have been registered in its vicinity in the previous days will be informed of what has happened. The idea during the Coronavirus era started on a large scale Singapore, with the project TraceTogether, and will also be extended to other countries in the world, including Italy.

Having said that, as you well know by now, the US will to hinder their trade is preventing Huawei from using Google services. At this point one would think that the virus tracking app could also be ousted from Huawei and Honor products. The last is not yet said, however: the companies have not yet exposed themselves on the matter and, given the delicacy of the topic, it cannot be excluded that Google may make an exception.

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