Huawei wants to go back to using Google on its smartphones

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The issue between the Chinese giant and the US government it may have come to an end definitively and this time not because of a choice made by the USA. The dispute has been going on for months, but now it seems that the time has come for Huawei to say goodbye to Google and its services, without renouncing to produce Android smartphones. What's going on?

Upgrade 01 / 04: more have been added to recent statements. Find all the details in the article.

Update 30/03: months later, the CEO returns to expose himself on the long-standing Huawei / Google issue.

Update 31/01: after the previous statements, a company spokesman has mitigated the claims regarding the Google issue.

Huawei greets Google and chooses the new Huawei Mobile Services for Android

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After months of waiting, it seems that the leaders of Huawei are tired of waiting for a definitive response from the USA. The ban to the Chinese giant is currently being extended, business is going on but the consequences have been felt. In the meantime, the Asian company has already presented a whole range of service independent solutions Google, even coming to an alliance with other partners to remedy the lack of certain services (as in the case of Maps and TomTom).

During a conference held in Austria, Huawei confirmed the impossibility of returning to Google services. A clear signal, which indicates the desire not to retrace one's steps, whatever the epilogue of the dispute between the company and the US government. The tech giant will completely rely on HMS - Huawei Mobile Services - so as to distance yourself from the Mountain View company. During 2020 the company is expected to invest another three billion dollars in the approximately 4000 developers working on the platform.

However, the brand's future smartphones will continue to be based on Android, currently the only possible alternative. However, there is an intention to devote ourselves to a third ecosystem for smartphones, which will go alongside Android and iOS. In addition, Huawei will launch the marketing of Mate 30 Pro in Germany during the month of February, despite the lack of Google services. The same will happen with the next top of the range P40 and P40 Pro, arriving in Austria (and therefore in Europe) towards the end of March. In recent weeks, the good evleaks anticipated what should be the date of the European launch event, set for March 26 in Paris.

Upgrade 31 / 01

Despite the first, spicy statements, a Huawei spokesman intervened with new statements for the magazine The Verge, this time with more vines words towards the situation with Mountain View. According to reports, "Our first choice is the open Android ecosystem, including Google services, which is what has helped us become the second largest manufacturer in the world for smartphone shipments". The spokesman continues by saying that Google and Huawei are hoping that the ban will be lifted, so that they can continue to collaborate. Obviously, if the US were to maintain the current policy, Huawei would be ready to go it alone with its own Huawei Mobile Services.

Upgrade 30 / 03

Like all tormented love stories, thea between Huawei and Google shows no sign of abating. At the same time as the official P40 series, the CEO Richard Yu has returned to expose himself on the subject. In an interview with Wired said:

"In the past we have brought huge profits and revenues to US companies like Google and have been excellent partners. So, we at Huawei still hope to be able to continue working with Google. We hope to get the license from the U.S. government. We are open about it. In the interest of the value of those US companies, they should ... I hope they can license us.

We want to use all Google services and the Play Store as the main choice with Huawei Mobile Services to offer more choice. We want to stay on the Android platform."

The strategy that Huawei would like to adopt is in line with that of the main manufacturers, such as Samsung and Xiaomi. Mainly rely on the Google ecosystem, to which you can add your own and give users a wider range of services to choose from. A philosophy that could lead, however, to greater confusion, being with duplicates installed on the phone as in the case of Samsung, in fact.

The fact is that we are still far from being able to reason on such a strategy, given that Google still remains taboo on Huawei / Honor smartphones. Also because it seems that the US does not want to release its grip, as shown by the desire slow down the production of proprietary chipsets.

Upgrade 01 / 04

On the occasion of the publication of the 2019 financial results, Huawei again spoke about the Google issue. On CNBC microphones, current President Eric Xu said:

"We hope that Google services become available on our AppGallery, just as they are available on the App Store."

Huawei used parallelism with Apple to specify how the existence of the AppGallery does not mean that Huawei / Honor phones cannot use Gapps. But it is obvious that, although Apple is "enemy" of Google, it is not penalized by any ban, being an American company exactly like Big G.

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