Huawei 65W GaN: the brand's most powerful charger officially arrives

huawei 65w gan

For some time now, the manufacturers of smartphone they are converging towards a certain type of technology. It is not only about the aesthetic level proposed on their devices, but also the hardware mounted inside them. Reason why some companies like Xiaomi, Anker, Aukey and others have already equipped themselves for the realization of a GaN charger. It is, therefore, a solution that appears to be more efficient and powerful than normal chargers on the market and which, in the last period, seems to have taken over. Also Huawei, therefore, did not want to miss the appeal.

Huawei 65W GaN has two USB-C ports

huawei 65w gan

According to the latest information about it, Huawei has officially released its own loader GaN (gallium nitride) from 65. This super fast power supply has two ports USB Type-C, also supporting the standard PD protocol. Despite everything, however, all the features of this device have not yet been revealed. At the moment, however, we know that this technology allows to make more efficient charging device, showing more power in more compact dimensions. There is a big difference, in these terms, with the normal chargers currently on the market.

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From next month this Huawei 65W GaN will be officially available on the market, at least in China, at a price of 249 yuan (32 €).

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