Huami is looking for a way to prevent Coronavirus

huami coronavirus

Made famous in the wearable sector with the Amazfit brand, the intent of Huami it's not just about spreading your devices. The company has shown that it takes care of the health of its users, as evidenced by studies on sleep quality in China. The question Coronavirus e Covid-19 has sensitized tech companies more, seeing in it a possibility of investment for the future. This is why Huami has decided to create a wearables workshop dedicated precisely to the prevention of these viruses.

This robot helps doctors fight Coronavirus

Huami creates a laboratory with the help of medical expert Zhong Nanshan

Huami is actively collaborating with two health institutions in China and especially with the doctor Zhong Nanshan. This name probably won't tell you much, but you just have to take a ride on his Wikipedia page to understand why he was involved. He became known in the medical sector as an epidemiologist and pulmonologist, he rose to the news in 20003, being one of the personalities he discovered and help in containing the crisis SARS. As this is a Coronavirus, it has recently become a councilor in the cabinet responsible for managing the current pandemic.

The goal of this partnership is to take advantage of the know-I by Huami to create technologies capable of detecting a possible viral infection and fighting it in advance. It is known that products such as smartwatches are able to monitor parameters that can help in the diagnosis of heart and respiratory diseases. There is also a guide that allows you to take advantage of some smart watches to find symptoms which could indicate a Coronavirus infection.

Tests are being conducted on patients National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease and the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health. They include a mapping of exercise, as well as sleep and heart rate. Not only that: this type of technology can also be useful in recently discharged people, being able to keep an eye on them with more precision. In short, we cross our fingers and we hope that technology can be more and more helpful in these difficult times.

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