Huami Aeri is the mask that does not block feelings ... and Face Unlock

huami mask

Ever since the new Coronavirus has been gripping the whole world, the culture of mask she's playing catching on. Although there is an ongoing debate on the actual usefulness of surgical masks, the most common in circulation, they are unable to obstruct the passage of the very small particles carrying Covid-19. But there are also those who are taking the (more expensive) N95 masks, equipped with a filter and more effective in keeping the virus away. In both cases, however, a problem arises: not being able to use the facial recognition.

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This Huami mask is designed not to make your life more difficult

It is a problem that I have personally encountered on several occasions, going to the supermarket in these quarantine weeks. Not to mention that, by wearing latex gloves to further protect myself, I am also cut off from the possibility of using the more classic fingerprint reader. There are those who could argue that just move the mask for a moment to use facial recognition. But imagine being in a queue near other people, moreover with the risk of touching the mask with hands that have touched potentially infected surfaces.

For this Huami has started a program called Projet uSmile, whose intent is to soften the effects of the quarantine. Humans are a social animal and it is undeniable that not seeing the facial expressions of those around us is an emotional limitation. Not to mention, in fact, the aforementioned biometric release technological problems. From this philosophy it was born Aeri, a new type of N95 mask that wants to stem these two limits.

Composed of a flexible structure mostly transparent, causes our eyes, as well as photographic sensors, to capture the facial features. The recycling of air inside is allowed through i interchangeable filters placed to the side, in such a way that it does not fog up inside. There is also a system of UV lights capable of disinfecting the mask once connected to a power source via USB Type-C.

The Huami concept also includes a variant equipped with fan, indispensable in the hottest areas of the world. As well as a AQI sensor which acquires data and provides real-time information relating to air quality, humidity, respiratory rate and filter autonomy. It does not end here: Huami has also thought of one eye protection, another potentially critical point for a possible infection.

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