Honor 30 will not be less to Huawei P40 Pro, even in the display

huawei p40 pro display

The more the years go by, the more evident it is Honor don't want to be the tail light of Huawei. We see it with the latest top of the range, with an Honor 20 Pro from photographic performance not so inferior compared to Huawei P30 Pro. With the introduction of a Pro model, the manufacturer has decided to offer an increasingly high-end top of the range. The same will happen with Honor 30 Pro, as shown so far by leaks appeared on the net. First of all with a photo gallery practically on a par with Huawei P40 Pro, and perhaps also in the display.

Upgrade 06 / 04: new details have been given on which screens will be used on the Honor 30 series. Details are at the end of the article.

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The display of Honor 30 will inherit the innovations introduced on Huawei P40 Pro

If you take the words of Teme, even Honor would have decided to layering further their proposal on the upper floors. Not only Honor 30, but also Honor 30 Pro e 30 Pro +, just as happened with the P40 series. Consequently, we will start from a more modest model up to a flagship machine with few compromises. Camera aside, the display of Honor 30 should also be in line with the current proposal when it comes to the top of the range.

The latest leaks speak of a panel with a refresh rate a 90 Hz, probably the same seen on the P40 Pro for obvious reasons of supply of the house Huawei / Honor. And just like Huawei, Honor should also make use of BOE panels, pursuing the philosophy of betting as much as possible on Chinese companies. Likely, therefore, that Honor 30 will be kept at 60 Hz to offer a more attentive price to the wallet, while Pro and Pro + will have a 90 Hz screen, perhaps curved on the sides.

Upgrade 06 / 04

Since Honor decided to diversify the high-end strategy, the features will be distributed on the basis of the existing variants. As it illustrates again Teme, the Honor 30 series will have a perforated screen but with different specifications. Honor 30 and 30 Pro will LCD a 60 Hz, while the Pro + Sara Curved OLED a 90 Hz, with panels supplied by 3 different manufactures. For LCDs, BOE and Visionox will take care of it, while OLEDs always BOE but also Samsung.

Teme also adds a new detail on the cameras, specifying that the dual selfie camera should be the same wide-angle lens view up Honor V30.

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