DOOGEE S95 Pro review: a modular rugged phone to review

Doogee s95 pro

We know well that there are some people constantly looking for a solid and resistant smartphone. Some types of workers, in fact, need a product of this type, basically a rugged phone. Although most of the population does not need it, therefore, they still have a market. Among these, there are also slightly more advanced models, perhaps designed for a younger audience. Doogee s95 pro it responds precisely to this category, offering strength and reliability in terms of resistance, while not despising some interesting additional functions. Will he have managed to impress us? Find out inside ours Full review.

DOOGEE S95 Pro review


Taking a look at the sales box, we see how this contains different accessories besides the smartphone. In our version, in fact, we find two distinct units that, if necessary, can be connected to the device via magnetic pins. In the package, therefore, we find:

  • DOOGEE S95 Pro;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • pre-applied plastic film;
  • accessory to remove the SIM slot;
  • other additional plastic film, to be installed on the screen;
  • short instruction manual;
  • module with additional battery, 3.850 mAh;
  • module with external speaker.

Design & Materials

If we take the resistance of this model, we are really at the top of the category. The whole external structure is made of plastic, metal and in a particular rubberized material which returns a good grip. Taking a look along the side frames, then, we notice an aluminum core that has been fixed by several visible screws. It should also be noted that the front glass is protected along the 4 corners main, from one slightly raised plastic structure. This shape, during falls, prevents the smartphone screen from immediately coming into contact with the underlying surface, risking to break. It is a model, however, quite large, given that the dimensions are of 168 x 79,3 x 13,8 mm, with a weight of well 285 grams. We are not, therefore, in the presence of a handy phone, which can fit comfortably in your pocket.

Doogee s95 pro

In terms of certifications, like any self-respecting rugged phone, we are at the top. On this model, in fact, we find the various most famous standards, that is IP68, IP69K, MIL-STD-810G. We did not go down, think about the falls, although this has resisted very well by falling from about a meter and a half, but we have tested its qualities especially under water. Again, therefore, he did not report any damage. All the doors, in fact, they are well closed by means of very thick rubbers which do not allow liquids to pass through. On the lower part of the device, therefore, we have the entrance USB Type-C, while at the top only the main microphone resides. Looking at the two frames, then, on the right we find the button ON / OFF, volume balance, fingerprint sensor and the compartment for inserting the first SIM. On the opposite side, instead, there is the compartment for the second nano SIM, or for the microSD, and the programmable key.

On the back we immediately notice the presence of one triple room, included within a square photo module placed in the center. This also complements the dual flash LEDs, as well as an additional microphone. Turning our gaze downwards, however, we can appreciate two lateral slits, which hide it speaker system, and i central pins which are used for the allocation of external modules.

Unlocking Systems

There are two unlocking systems on this smartphone: fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock. Taking a look at the first method, we find the sensor on the right profile, in a position, however, quite uncomfortable. In my opinion, in fact, the company has decided to place it at too low a level, constantly forcing us to take the device unnaturally. Besides this, then, the component is not even as precise as we would have expected. Let's say that the recognition of our fingerprint occurs 8 times out of 10. We therefore recommend setting the same fingerprint several times, so as to make it almost infallible.

With the facial unblock we use a 2D scan made by the front photographic sensor. Thanks to the selfie camera, therefore, we will have access to the device, even if in low light conditions we will have almost no hope of entering the home. We can set the ambient light, which in fact will show us a completely white display at maximum brightness, to help the room recognize us. Even in that case, however, the system will not always be able to unlock the phone.


Let's see how a DOOGEE S95 Pro has been mounted of matrix IPS da 6,3 diagonal inches, with resolution FHD + (2.160 x 1.080 pixels) e PPI 384. Furthermore, the entire front panel is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Glass However, beyond this, the colors are not too bright, always presenting the same problems that each IPS carries. On this device, therefore, i Bianchi they tend too blue, while i blacks, obviously, they completely lack depth. So do not expect a definition of the images equal to what you have already experienced with an OLED display. Despite this, for what it offers, it remains a more than decent panel, perfectly in line with the needs of those who buy a device of this type.

Doogee s95 pro

even the touch screen it works quite well, showing no jamming. During the most excited writing phases yes loses some touch, but this I think is dictated more by the software than by the hardware components used. Each operation takes longer than necessary, so you will have to try to be patient. Despite this, the experience with this product is quite pleasant in this respect. I have not noticed any particular problems in correspondence with the front notch, quite pronounced. On a device of this type, however, it is plausible to observe such a design, having to safeguard as much as possible the screen, one of the most fragile components.

Although the smartphone was tested in a fairly difficult quarantine period, we still had the opportunity to try some of its features. We can tell you, therefore, that under the light direct sunlight is not absolutely easy to see all the content on the screen, also thanks to a oleophobic treatment practically non-existent. We are not therefore in the presence of a phone with a high maximum brightness and a good contrast. Among other things, then, during the darkest hours you notice how the minimum brightness is still too high, not falling below a certain range. This penalizes him enough, therefore, in daily use.

Hardware & Performance

On board this smartphone there is a SoC MediaTek Helio P90, with configuration 2 x Cortex-A75 2.2GHz + 6 x Cortex-A55 2.0GHz. It is, therefore, a CPU with a 12nm production process, accompanied by a GPU IMG 9XM-HP8 da 970MHz. We are not faced with a top of the range, therefore, but with a decent mid-range smartphone. We must also consider, in fact, that at the level of memories we find well 8GB di RAM e 128GB di internal storage. With the use of a microSD, however, you can also reach 256GB of internal memory.

Doogee s95 pro

How does the device behave in daily use? We can say that we did not have major problems in everyday operations. You can move inside the work quite well, although the execution speed of some operations is not exactly exceptional. There is always a certain woodiness, also given to the fact that today we are increasingly accustomed to seeing displays with a refresh rate higher than 60Hz. Net of these considerations, therefore, we can be satisfied. The responsiveness of the singles is also good applications as well as the amount of apps kept open in the background. From this point of view, in fact, the RAM has not proved particularly thrifty.

Some more problems are felt in the game, especially when trying slightly more performing games like Call of Duty Mobile o PUBG Only in this case the playability, although discreet, does not succeed in achieving noteworthy performances. It is a product, however, that was not born for i videogames, therefore we do not feel penalized for the services returned in this sector. Even in the best performing situations, however, we never felt temperature raised on the rear body, resulting only slightly warm during the phases of greatest stress.



DOOGEE S95 Pro presents an almost version stock Android, without major customizations. Going into the settings, however, let's see how this system is based on Android 9, even if they are not indicated when the last dates security patches. Despite this we find some more functions than the standard version of the green robot. Moving inside the interface, in fact, you immediately come across all those options dedicated to a rugged phone, like the "Toolbox". The latter contains the compass, la level, il barometer, il protractor and many other small, very practical applications. There are, however, various other system apps, including Google News, which has already been integrated to the left of the home just like on Pixels.

It moves quite well in the interface, in a rather fluid way. Even in opening the app we have not noticed big problems or slowdowns. The system has rarely shown any uncertainty, especially in the opening of the multitasking The latter, among other things, in our opinion is really too consional, being too dated compared to the new ones graphic introduced by Google itself. Having said that, however, at the level of functionality there is really nothing missing, including the center that manages the smartphone in its entirety, contributing to the cleaning of the RAM, the blocking of the app and many other chores. It is, therefore, a software not nice on a graphic level, but still complete with everything you need to start using it without problems.


With this smartphone we will be dealing with a rear photographic module consisting of three different sensors. On a theoretical level, in fact, on board we find a main objective from 48MP, so a Sony IMX586, accompanied by others two sensors da 8MP, including one wide-angle lens with a field of vision of 117°. Honestly, it is not clear what the third unit is used for, as its function is not specified on the official website. Through a very simple test, by plugging the various sensors with your finger, we found that the lens next to the dual flash LEDs it is never called into question. So we think it may be the sensor that detects the depth of field. He didn't convince us theninterface the camera. There are several functions but, at present, it is difficult to understand what is the difference between "Perfect" and "Cute". In short, DOOGEE could have done much more in this respect.

Also in this case we could not carry out any accurate tests, as we all found ourselves closed in due to the quarantine. From that poco that we could see, however, in the daytime hours you can get something good out of that smartphone, although the definition of the image is not that exceptional. Much of the credit, in fact, must certainly be attributed to the sensor itself, which manages to give the photos a good quality level anyway. Even taking advantage of it zoom 2x in fact, it is possible to obtain noteworthy shots. From the chromatic point of view, however, all the images offer shades poco lit, always tending too blue. Only with the main camera, then, the smartphone fails to to focus less than several centimeters away, making it practically ineffective on macros.

We also tried using the wide-angle sensor but, unfortunately, this does not return the desired quality. Along all the lateral edges the image is distorted and the definition of the image, in any case, is very bad. Furthermore, when trying to select this mode, the smartphone often freezes and shows only one white screen within that interface. You will therefore be forced to return to the home, remove the application from multitasking and reopen it. Hoping that everything goes well on the second attempt.

Even in the night hours we were unable to bring out discreet photos. You can clearly see how high the photographic noise is, showing among other things also some too many problems with the artificial lights. With the night mode, things do not improve significantly.

Taking a look on the front, let's see how there is one selfie camera da 16MP, with a field of view of 80 °. Even in this case, however, the quality of the images is really low, showing colors that are really too dull and an annoying beauty effect that cannot be eliminated. Taking advantage of thebokeh effectthen, you can get a good result only in conditions of optimal brightness.

On this device you can also turn video in 1080p, with a not really exceptional stabilization and a non-lightning focus. We speak of a quality, however, under sufficiency.

Audio & Connectivity

DOOGEE S95 Pro offers one speaker main place on the back. From the qualitative point of view, the audio released by this unit is quite satisfactory, although I completely miss the downs. The sector comes to the rescue on form dedicated, which once positioned on the back allows you to take advantage of a real amplified system. This is placed on the back, via the magnetic pins, but the tightness of this system is not at all up to expectations. By applying very little force, in fact, you can easily move the module, risking disconnecting it from your smartphone. Despite this, however, the connection happens in an instant. This module, among other things, also has an on / off button and a stand to hold the device in a vertical position. Certainly, however, the sound quality improves significantly, returning a much more full-bodied and enveloping sound, with a good presence of the low frequencies. Going back for a moment, however, on the real audio sector, we must certify a good quality expressed by the ear capsule, without any particular problems during the voice calls. On the other hand, however, we sometimes hear a little metallic noise, but the voice still remains clear enough. We remind you, then, that it is possible to install well here two nano SIM, both with active 4G, or a nano SIM and a microSD.

There is no shortage of Wi-Fi Dual Band, Bluetooth (we don't know which type), the GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou, as well as connectivity LTE 4G. Unfortunately, I was only able to try the latter at home, as our outings were reduced to a minimum. I can tell you, however, that in normal situations in which I use the network, the smartphone has performed well, even in the slightly more critical points of the house in this respect. The same goes for Wi-Fi, which in my opinion, however, turns out to be a little more deficient and less stable. This speech, however, is currently difficult to evaluate, as the networks are really clogged and this aspect could affect the quality of the connection even at home. We could not test the GPS for obvious reasons.

We also tell you about battery module, which contains a unit of 3.850 mAh. Even this, however, presents the same problem as the previous one: the fixing mechanism is too dancer. Beyond this, then, this component makes the device even less manageable, making it almost impossible to use it. This is why, although useful, we have not found a real sense in exploiting this component.


Within this device we find well 5.150 mAh battery. It is, therefore, a product intended to bring you safely at the end of the day and, in this respect, it does not disappoint at all expectations. I always managed to cover all working hours, from 8 to 18, with still a good 35% of residual charge to spend in the evening. It seems, therefore, that the system is also quite thrifty. As I didn't have the official phone data, I had to download GSam Battery Monitor, noting 3 hours on screen turned on, on a basis of 15 hours of continuous ignition. At this point, however, there was still no 31% charge. I don't know how reliable these data are, because I believe that the app has cut a few pieces of the day, but let's say that we are still on an excellent level of autonomy. At this point, therefore, I believe that by also taking advantage of the additional module in the package, you can safely cover 48 hours (two working days) without problems.

According to official information, and taking a look at the power supply in the sales box, the refill is from 10. This means that to pass by 10 100% to% you have to wait poco more than one hour and 45 minutes. We suspect, however, that this battery is actually slightly smaller than the declared one, because it would have taken us longer to fully recharge the device under these conditions.

Price & Conclusions

This Doogee s95 pro is sold at approx 330 € su AliExpress. It is a price which, however, is perhaps too high in the end. Surely the presence of the modules, the one with it speaker and that of the battery, increase that figure, and not by poco. On balance, however, they did not seem so essential, as they were really exploited poco during our tests. The one with the additional battery, then, is perhaps the less useful of the two.

However, we do not feel like recommending this device too much, because it has not been able to impress us in almost any sector. Below, however, you can still find several coupons for purchase!


DOOGEE S95 Pro is the new modular rugged phone! Take advantage of this offer now!

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DOOGEE S95 Pro is the Chinese company's new rugged phone! Take advantage of this discount now!

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DOOGEE S95 is the new smartphone of the Chinese company! Take advantage of this coupon now!

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Design & Construction
Hardware & Performance
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doogee-s95-pro-review-a-rugged-modular-phone-to-reviewWe know well that there are some people who are constantly looking for a solid and resistant smartphone. Some types of workers, in fact, need a product of this type, basically a rugged phone. Although most of the population does not need it, therefore, they have ...