Annke WE400 review: a good video surveillance kit

annke we400

Ever since the Wi-Fi network became commonly used, more and more users have equipped themselves with security systems advanced. These essentially aim to protect our homes, or offices, in the most efficient way possible. Although there are several products of this type on the market, today we show you a very complete one. It is about Annke WE400, a video surveillance kit that uses 4 different cameras, connected to a single central HUB that communicates with them. Will he be able, therefore, to satisfy our requests? We talk about it within ours Full review.

Annke WE400 review


It is, as you can guess, a really bulky sales package. Inside, in fact, they find space:

  • NVR (Network Video Recorder);
  • 4 video cameras (IP Camera);
  • HDMI / VGA conversion cable;
  • USB optical mouse;
  • ethernet cable Cat.5e;
  • HUB with 4 different USB;
  • CD for data installation;
  • antenna for signal amplification;
  • dowels and screws for fixing cameras;
  • 5 wall power supplies for NVR and IP Camera;
  • short manuals for the installation and use of the product, in English.

Design & Materials

We want to talk to you first of all about our impressions about the build quality of these products. Inside the sales boxin fact, as you could only understand, there are so many different accessories. So let's take a look first at NVR (Network Video Recorder), which in fact represents the central unit that aims to record the video signal of the various IP Cameras. It is, therefore, a simple white box, with the logo imprinted on it, which has some doors on the back. Here we find, in fact, a input for power supply, a door USB-A for mouse connection, an input Ethernet, a door HDMI and the hole for theinserting the antenna. There are also three Status LED that indicate the correct functioning of the product. Furthermore, from a size point of view, this product measures 187 187 x x 53mm, showing a weight of 510 grams.

From a constructive point of view, this NVR it is the component that has least convinced us. It doesn't express much solidity and plastic doesn't seem to be of ottima qualità. Despite this, however, it is a product designed to be hidden anywhere in the house, and never moved, so it does not need to be so resistant. Different discourse, however, regarding the external units, therefore the 4 video cameras surveillance present in the package. These offer a different sensation to the touch, while always being plastic material. They too are characterized by some fundamental components. In addition to having, on the back, a system for the fixing to the wall, these have theinput for power supply, a door Ethernet (RJ45) and a front sensor that allows the product to "see" what is happening in front of it. We will analyze this later, however. We only want to tell you that, with regard to the dimensions, each single one IP Camera measure 178 65 x x 65mm, With a weight of 285 grams.

As you may have guessed, these are devices that do not go unnoticed. They immediately give the idea of ​​being part of a professional kit, which at the beginning perhaps could also frighten the less accustomed to this type of object. Perhaps aware of this aspect, the company provided one in the package quick installation guide, which makes it really easy to activate everything in a few steps.


We also decided to briefly explain what theinstallation. Having so many objects available, in fact, could be confusing. According to our experience, however, we can tell you that it was enough for us to follow the indications shown in the short initial guide (in English). We are convinced that, however, even an impractical user with English can safely do it alone.

First, therefore, you will have to connect the NVR possibly near your router. This, in fact, after being connected to power, must be wired with your home network through a cable Ethernet. It will therefore be necessary to connect your modem, or router, to the NVR. After installing theAntenna, for better reception, you can proceed toinstallation of individual IP cameras. These can be positioned anywhere in the house, as long as there is sufficient network coverage in that place. We must admit, however, that even in Wi-Fi these cameras have always shown excellent reception, even in places slightly further away from the main modem.

We have perhaps forgotten to tell you one fundamental thing: you will need one TV or an monitor to view everything that happens on your cameras. These, in fact, will be recognized by the NVR instantly, immediately after connecting them to the power supply. We remind you, in fact, that each IP Camera needs to be powered separately. Beyond this, however, you will immediately have access to the system, being able to control every aspect of it from your monitor and using, if necessary, the optical mouse supplied in packaging to move inside the interface.

Operation & Software

This kit can be managed, as you will have understood, from the interface of our TV, or monitor. Using the mouse, present in the package, we will be able to manage each parameter of these cameras by simply clicking on the right button of the main screen. I have not specified it before, but in the home you will see in detail, what the cameras are shooting live. By clicking on the right button, therefore, you will have access to the management of the individual units, to the configuration the system also for what concerns the internet connection, to the screen that shows all the Recordings minute by minute, and much more. About this last point, it is allowed to view all the videos that have been continuously recorded by the rooms, thanks to the cloud service. On "video Playback“In fact, you will be able to access the exact date, time and day you wish to view, without any restrictions. In case you want to save a particular frame, however, you would be forced to insert a USB memory into the NVR. You can rely on the storage of all your movies hard drive present within the NVR, which matters 1TB of space (981GB real). We point out, however, that after two weeks of use, of all 4 cameras, 10% of the total space has already been occupied. We therefore recommend setting theauto deletion of old movies, which can be managed manually.

Although some translations leave a lot to be desired, you won't have too much difficulty managing the system via monitor. Despite this, we recognize the fact that it is not entirely intuitive and that it requires some practice. In the instruction booklet, however, some passages are explained in detail, but only in English and German. Beyond this, with a double click on the single security chamber, you can enter the detail of the latter, always starting from the home. In addition to being shown date, day e clockwise, on the right side we find some symbols. The first indicates the quality of connection with Wi-Fi, while in the second it is possible to view the possible movement of some subjects. Going into settingsin fact, it is possible to access the calendar of the month and set, for each single day, the alarm level that we wish to obtain. For example, if you are away from home for a whole month, you can set all the alarms available for those 30 days, so that even from the smartphone we are notified of any suspicious movement. From this point of view, in fact, the cameras are quite precise and fast in the detection, showing only rarely some deficits in this aspect. Sometimes even a more vigorous movement of a tent, for example, has triggered the alarm.

You can set a sound alarm, which will fire whenever someone is detected. This will be activated by the NVR which, therefore, will begin to ring continuously. Everything can be managed, however, even with its application, which we will discuss in a few chapters.

Video quality

These 4 surveillance cameras have a resolution of 2MP, still recording in 1080p and returning videos with compression H264 +. On the official website it is specified how each of them mounts a CMOS sensor, with viewing angle equal to 70 ° and with well 18 LED arranged along the entire circumference, to facilitate night vision. A distance of approximately is then declared 30 meters from where they are installed, although in the dark the visibility in my opinion falls far beyond a certain radius. Despite this, they are also rooms designed for outdoor environments, so they have been certified IP66, to better resist against water and dust.

We have not noticed an excellent quality, although they still manage to defend themselves well in almost any light condition. If you aim at direct light, then, they show one overexposure excessive. Despite this, the images are clear and quite detailed. We are not sure, however, that an excessive distance corresponds to an equally good quality. In case someone needs to be identified, more than 10 meters it would be difficult to grasp his face. From this point of view, therefore, we would have expected a slightly better quality. The same applies also to notte, where the image is clear enough if you approach the camera, but it worsens significantly already 5 meters away. It is, therefore, a system that more than anything else must promptly report the intrusion of someone into the home, without any other claim.


By downloading on your smartphone Annke Sight, you will be able to monitor the situation even remotely. It will be really simple, therefore, to configure the kit also within this app. In fact, you will be asked to scan the QR code of in cloud, which you will find directly on the monitor, by clicking on the "magician" item. Once logged in you can manage the various rooms more easily. It will be possible to view the notifications of the various alarms triggered during the day, but not only. In addition to having a live view of what they are filming, we will also have the opportunity to talk through the rooms or to make some screenshot.

As you can see from the images above, the possibilities are manifold. Just like on your monitor, then, also on the phone you will be able to go back in time. Here, in fact, it will be possible to scroll through the past to search for all the various videos that interest us most. We just have to complain about a certain slow interface, which is not as quick and quick as we could have expected. In case we see something that interests us, however, we could immediately start a recording of that instant and save it within the app.

Although this application has not been cured from the point of view graphic, presents everything you need. We remind you, however, that it cannot be totally replaced by the settings on the monitor. This, in fact, will allow you to have greater control over all aspects of this kit, not only with regard to the individual security chambers.


You will need an internet network to be able to use this system. On the back of the NVR you will find an entrance Ethernet which supports up to 100Mbps. Each single room, then, using this central unit, will connect via Wi-Fi to the network, via the 802.11b / g / n module.

From a performance point of view, therefore, I have not encountered any problems connection. Even the camera placed in the farthest point of the house managed to send all the information to the NVR without any problem. The connection was not optimal but, despite this, all the registrations were successful. However, I must specify that after approx 6 meters away, with two walls separating the NVR from the single chamber, the connection was "weak". You should therefore try to have as few obstacles as possible between the various parts.

Price & Conclusions

Annke WE400 is sold, on the official website, at approx 276 € ($ 299,99). It is, therefore, a figure not too excessive for what is offered. Despite this, if you were looking for a simple to use system, from the first day, this product is not for you. Navigating within the interface via monitor is not intuitive, also because many voices are not well translated. In case you are fluent in English, even at a basic level, you could better extricate yourself from all the various options.

The whole sales box, however, provides the necessary to be able to start using this system immediately (except the monitor). In this respect, therefore, the company is to be commended. Exploiting these cameras more than anything else in the home, or on external surfaces that are not too large, a system of this type could be very useful. Due to a quality of the image not really exceptional, however, we do not feel to recommend it to those who need to monitor a large area, perhaps even outdoors.

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