Amazfit launches a screening tool for Covid-19 symptoms

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Amazfit, brand linked to Huami, has announced the availability in Italy of a screening tool for identifying symptoms from Covid-19, a useful tool to identify risk profiles and contribute to the alert system. It is also a completely free solution, yet another initiative to combat Coronavirus.

Amazfit presents a simple and effective tool to identify Covid-19 symptoms

amazfit tool covid-19

The Chinese company Huami has long collaborated with one of the most important Chinese medical institutions, with the aim of exploiting them wearable technologies he algorithms Intelligent to assist in the care and management of patients recovering from Covid-19. From these assumptions the new is born tool by Amazfit for self-diagnosis of symptoms, dedicated to those who - affected or not by other pathologies that can mask the symptoms of the virus - wonder if signs of a possible contagion of Covid-19 emerge from their clinical picture.

Obviously it is good to underline that the screening tool it in no way replaces the diagnosis of doctors and laboratory tests, the only ones able to establish the actual presence of the virus and to detect it also in asymptomatic patients. The purpose of the Amazfit tool is to spread information appropriate based on the symptoms reported by users and favor the prevention.

The new tool is available through the application We Fit or directly through this address.

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