Xiaomi revolutionizes the rotating camera with this new patent

xiaomi rotating camera

Last month we found ourselves struggling with a solution of Xiaomi to say the least poco revolutionary, featuring a Flip Camera. A few weeks later, a new patent appears that makes an encore and raises the level even more by proposing a new concept of rotating camera. And the result also in this is to say the least poco extraordinary.

Xiaomi no longer knows what to invent: the proof is in this patent with a revolutionary rotating camera

xiaomi rotating camera

Obviously we start with the necessary premises: since it is a patent it is not certain that this technology can actually see the light. Maybe it's just ideas, or models that won't go beyond the prototype, so it's better not to think about it. A new document filed at home - in mid-2019 and approved today, 24 April 2020 - reveals what the future of the rotating camera second Xiaomi.

Solutions like ASUS Zenfone 6 (to name just one) they showed us only "one" possible application of this concept. The idea is simple: the main camera must also act for selfies. This occurs through a module that flips towards the front and includes the various photographic sensors. Xiaomi raise the bar with this patent ... here the camera does not overturn but it rotates on itself!

The device offers a full screen design; on the back we have one Dual Camera with LED flash and all the module on which it is positioned is able to rotate horizontally. This way the camera can be used for selfies while a portion of the display moves to the back. A truly revolutionary solution and for sure Xiaomi will have thought of some way to make interesting the possibility of having the mini rear display. What do you think of this idea of ​​Xiaomi? Do you find it feasible or ... better focus on Flip Camera and pop-up (or on the hole)?

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