Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera Standard Edition: new security camera on Xiaomi YouPin

xiaomi mijia smart camera standard edition

If we take a look at all the accessories present in the catalog of Xiaomian, we find a myriad of different devices. During these years, in fact, the Chinese brand has launched a series of products pertaining to each type of category. Sometimes we speak of devices for the home, other times of supports for the smartphone. There are, however, also the security systems, which by now many families have decided to install to protect their home. In a few hours, therefore, it will be sold on Xiaomi YouPin the new Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera Standard Edition, at a really interesting price.

Mijia Smart Camera can shoot in 1080p

xiaomi mijia smart camera standard edition

This new security room presents a design really minimal, which contains advanced technology for the safety of your living spaces. Inside, in fact, there is space for a sensor capable of recording in 1080p, offering a field of vision equal to 170 °. Obviously, like many other competing products, on this model there is a system ofartificial intelligence which detects the presence of humans nearby. In the event that an animal or an insect approaches, this system should, however, recognize this movement and not trigger the alarm.

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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Camera Standard Edition also has a system of voice call, which allows you to talk to an interlocutor who is facing the camera. It is not an option, however, similar to that of a walkie-talkie, but it is precisely a function identical to a common telephone call. However, everything can be managed and controlled through your own smartphone also being able to take a real-time look at what is happening in a particular room. This product also has a certification IP65, offering a remarkable resistance to water and dust.

Mijia Smart Camera Standard Edition will be sold on Xiaomi YouPin starting tomorrow, priced at around 99 yuan 12 € at the current exchange rate.

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