Xiaomi ClearGrass review: the essential and cheap smart alarm clock

smart alarm clock xiaomi review

Xiaomi, thanks to its platform Crowdfunding, is always able to offer us new products that respect the company's canons: maximum quality and low price. There Xiaomi ClearGrass smart alarm clock seems to fit fully into this description, let's see it more closely in our full review.

Xiaomi ClearGrass smart alarm clock review


The sales package of the smart alarm clock di Xiaomi it is extremely minimal: white and with the design and functionality of the alarm clock impressed on the front, inside it contains only the product and a small instruction manual in Chinese.

Design and construction quality

The design of the little girl Wake-up calls di Xiaomi it is decidedly clean and brings to mind the classic alarm clocks of the 90s. The product is content and measure 80.3 x 41 x 83 mm for a weight of 106 grams. Despite this, the Smart Alarm Clock offers excellent stability, also given by the materials used; almost completely in resistant plastic and a rubber coated bottom to increase its grip.

smart alarm clock xiaomi review

On the front, however, we have a backlit LCD (non-touch) display, showing all the necessary information. More precisely, in the front screen you can consult the time, day of the week, date, degrees inside the room and humidity level. As you may have guessed, the ClearGrass it is "simple" only in design.

Smart configuration and functionality

Right on the sales package you will find the classic wording “works with mijia ". This means that by configuring the alarm with the app We Home (present on the Play Store) you can access all the product features. As often happens with such products, however, you will have to perform an unusual procedure for configuration: in practice, once you have downloaded the app (and created the Mi account) you will have to access it by selecting "China”As a region. Using Italy or other regions, you may not be able to find the device.

At this point carry out the pairing it will be a piece of cake: it will take you a little more than 20 seconds through Bluetooth 5.0 of the small smart alarm clock. It goes without saying that the settings inside the app are entirely in Chinese, but do not despair: the alarm functions are limited and understanding "where to get your hands" will be easy and intuitive.

smart alarm clock xiaomi review

By accessing the smart features you can then set the Wake-up calls, set the always on of the backlight, or preset it at desired times. At the same time you will have the option to choose between different ringtones on the app itself (it is impossible to insert third party ringtones). Also you can set temperature in celsius o farenheit. It is in all respects a simple product but which, thanks to some smart implementations, will facilitate the task for a long time.

Price and conclusions

smart alarm clock xiaomi review

Coming to an unambiguous conclusion about this product, having tried it for several days, is very simple for us. The alarm Smart Xiaomi ClearGrass he completely kidnapped us. This is because it manages to combine at the low price (about 10 € from China and a little more from European warehouses) essential but at the same time essential qualities. We obviously refer to the possibility of being able to set the alarm directly from your smartphone, but not only.

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