The smart speaker market is growing, also thanks to Xiaomi

smart speaker

We know very well how China is truly a driving market in many ways. Within this country, in fact, many products are produced accessories different, some of which show impressive sales figures. This is the case, therefore, of the smart speaker, a market that seems to have grown at a good pace over the past year.

Smart speaker: 109% market growth

smart speaker

From what we have seen in these hours, it seems that the smart speaker market has grown by 109% only in 2019. According to the report of IDC, have been shipped to China 45,89 million units, with the fourth quarter showing a real record in this area. Obviously, however, here are considered the periods preceding the pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19) which hit the whole world at the beginning of the new year.

Xiaomi could announce MIUI 12 in March

According to this report, however, the driving forces in this sector have undoubtedly been Xiaomi, Baidu e Alibaba who managed to get 90% of the entire Chinese market share. In fact, all these manufacturers have launched smart smart speakers that have conquered China, but not only. Just think that Alibaba, with his Tmall genius, has sold 15,61 million units in the past year. In third place, however, we find Xiaomi, which has recorded "only" 11,3 million shipments of these products.

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