Review Reolink Argus PT & Reolink Solar Panel: an autonomous security system, suitable for everyone

reolink argus pt

For some time now, i security systems they have become even cheaper than several years ago. In fact, many companies in the sector have launched themselves into the production of cameras suitable for this type of work, which respond to different price ranges and performances. Within this Full review, therefore, we will go to see how we found ourselves with Reolink. Specifically, we were able to try Reolink Argus PT e Reolink Solar Panel. It is, therefore, an autonomous system that does not need any external power supply, resulting in a product zero impact. Let's see what are its main characteristics.

Reolink Argus PT & Reolink Solar Panel Review


We are in the presence of two different products, born to work together. We therefore have two separate boxes, inside which all the essential components for fixing these accessories to the wall, or on any other point, are found. We will divide this section into two parts, one for each individual product.

Reolink Argus PT

  • Reolink Argus PT;
  • bracket for mounting the camera on the wall;
  • screws and supports for fixing;
  • short instruction manual;
  • USb / micro-USB cable;
  • warranty.

Reolink Solar Panel

  • Reolink Solar Panel;
  • bracket for mounting the camera on the wall;
  • screws and supports for fixing;
  • short instruction manual;
  • warranty.

Design & Materials

These two products are 99% composed of plastic. It is absolutely not a provocation but the absolute truth, as the whole structure of the camera, as well as the solar panel, is made of this material. Specifically, however, the Reolink Argus PT measure 122 98 x x 49mm, showing a white color that covers the whole product. On the front this is only interrupted by the logo the company and the photographic sensor in the center.

reolink argus pt

Reolink Argus PT is the real protagonist of this set of products. We note, in fact, how several are present on its surface inputs. On the back, therefore, there is space slider which allows us to activate it or not. A little further down there is the door micro-USB, through which to receive such energy to be able to operate 24 / 24h. Nearby, then, we also have the entrance to enter theAntenna, so as to improve reception Wi-Fi of the product, also connecting remotely with our router. Turning the central body upwards, we see how the brand has decided to allocate the entrance to the in a fairly hidden position microSD. Obviously, everything is protected by a rubber cover that, even in case of rain, should resist efficiently. In fact, this video camera was designed specifically for outdoor environments, which is why it also has certification IP65.

On the front we find the camera which, along the ends, has two LED of state. All the sensors, then, they were positioned on the upper part, while the central crown houses the various bright LEDs that during the night allow you to enjoy better night vision. Besides all this, finally, in the lower section we have some technical information on the product, as well as the central thread, which will allow you to attach the camera to the bracket.

reolink argus pt

About Reolink Solar Panel we don't have much to say. This accessory must necessarily be connected to the main camera, supplying it with energy. Its whole structure is made of plastic, black in color, and is a very product light that you can really place anywhere in your garden. Among other things, it also comes with a bracket that allows the fixing to the wall. Beyond this, however, all you have to do is take it out of the pack and use it instantly, without any additional steps.

reolink argus pt


We will find out later the data sheet of this device. At the moment, however, we want to bring you back what were the performance offered by that product. With Reolink Argus PT, therefore, we have managed to connect via Wi-Fi even in a difficult situation. I was forced to place the unit in several meters away from the modem and this created some connection problems. These critical issues, however, did not affect the level of safety offered by the product. When a subject has entered his range, I've always been notified, even when the connection wasn't the best. You travel, however, only on the frequency from 2.4GHz.

As mentioned above, this video camera is certified IP65, resisting water and dust. It can safely stay outdoors, but be careful that in case you want to hide it you will have to work hard. This is not a proper discrete module, also being quite heavy. Here we have, in fact, 470 grams which also include the battery from 6.500mAh. From this point of view, however, it has always remained under charge, thanks to the Reolink solar panel.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 112 x 98mm;
  • Weight: 470 grams;
  • Image sensor: CMOS Image Sensor;
  • Video format: H.264;
  • Horizontal viewing angle: 355 °;
  • Vertical viewing angle: 140 °;
  • Digital Zoom: 6x;
  • Video resolution: 1080p, 15fps;
  • Vision: 105 °;
  • Subject detection: distance of 10 meters;
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b / g / n, 2.4GHz;
  • 6.500mAh battery;
  • Memory: microSD up to 64GB or Reolink Cloud;
  • Resistance to water and dust: IP65.


Let's see how these products behave, immediately after being installed. Indeed, even before installation you will have to configure your Reolink Argus PT to the official application, via QR code. Among other things, the app Reolink It is available both on iOS and Android, and it's completely free. When you have downloaded this app on your smartphone, just click on the "+" button and add the camera simply by following the instructions.

The phase of finished configuration you will have your own room, with all the settings at your fingertips. In fact, in the home there is one summary screen showing a preview of the current view of the cam. Below, then, there are all the various options to act instantly on the product, thus being able to start a recording, take a single image, pause the system, set the video quality and expand the full-screen view. By taking a look below, however, you will be able to send a voice message to the camera in real time, manually move the whole body or recover the various Recordings carried out over the days.

By clicking on the settings icon it will be possible to check the battery status and many other details, which otherwise would not be possible to monitor. We must say that, in this respect, the level of Customization it is not high, but still satisfactory. Going to the icon at the top, on the left, you will access all the devices connected with the app, being able to take advantage of the options made available by the cloud, which will allow you to control your accessory only via voice commands (Google Assistant). Therefore, these also include Reolink Argus PT.


There is not much to say about this system, proving to be really suitable for everyone. When you have completed the installation, and the first configuration phases, you will be immediately operational. Reolink Solar Panelmoreover, it does not require any particular type of job to be able to start working. Once taken out of the box it should simply be fixed to the wall, taking care of its inclination with respect to the Sun. Some instructions are provided in the manual, but common sense wins as always. You should try to face the front as much as possible towards the light, or at least the sun. The higher the exposure, the better its performance in terms of charging.

Reolink Solar Panel connected to the camera, on theapplication we can monitor it state of charge of this product. Within a week of use, therefore, I can tell you that it was never necessary to connect this product to the power supply. With the panel you will always be able to maintain a good balance, rarely falling below 50% of battery. Even in the darkest days, in fact, this module did its job very well, constantly supplying the Reolink Argus PT with energy.

reolink argus pt

I was forced to place this camera in an unhappy place. Router and balcony (where I installed the room) are divided by a wall. Here the Wi-Fi network is not very powerful and, this, has created some problems for the system. By adjusting the maximum quality possible of the images, in fact, I often noticed a drop in performance. So much so that the application suggested that I scale the quality to "Flowing“, A setting which automatically adjusts this parameter according to the reception of the network. At most, however, you can register in 1080p a 15fps. We would have expected more in this regard, however, given that competition often does better.

During the day, as well as at night, the quality is still sufficiently good, connection permitting. In any case, the system always effectively detects the presence of some subjects within its range of action, which at nominal level should be approximately 10 meters. Few times, however, it has happened that a movement of some plants was detected, perhaps because of the wind. This is a rare event but one that should not have happened anyway. However, you can immediately connect to the app and manually check the situation. In case we wanted to communicate with someone we see in the room, we could activate the relative option and take advantage of the speaker on the product. It must be admitted, however, that this system is not very fast and it takes a few seconds before our message is actually transmitted to Reolink Argus PT.

Price & Conclusions

Reolink Argus PT it costs about 170 € on Amazon. Reolink Solar Panel has a price, instead, of 30 €. Sometimes, however, being two complementary products, it is also possible to find a bundle that allows you to take them home together. At the moment, for example, these two accessories can be purchased together, saving around 10 euros on the total amount, always taking as a reference Amazon.

In case you want to deepen some aspects related to the company and the product, we invite you to click on this link. Despite these figures, however, we are talking about two products that have proven to be valid, but not perfect. We would have preferred an even wider customization of the software but, above all, a test of a different file saving system. In fact, you don't always have one microSD can be inserted into the camera to forfeit all recordings. In case it was possible to see the singles surveillance video inside the album, it would have been perfect.

However, this is a considerable figure, but it may be worth spending on such a system. We only got to try these two products but nothing went wrong in this period, not even with theapplication. So we would like to recommend the product to anyone interested in a solution that is not too cheap, but certainly independent.