Redmi Note 7 "converts" to Linux: Ubuntu Touch porting!

redmi notes 7 ubuntu touch

The portal of XDA, you know, it is a real hotbed of ideas and customizations for Android smartphones and it is not uncommon to come across particular experiments. And it is precisely one of these that has emerged in these hours and that sees the little one Redmi Note 7 - ex best buy of the Chinese house, here you will also find our review - grappling nothing less than with Ubuntu Touch.

Redmi Note 7 with Ubuntu Touch: dream or am I awake?

Let's just take a small step back: Ubuntu touch is a version of the famous Linux distribution designed for smartphones and tablets, launched in the "distant" 2013. Abandoned by the company, the development of this operating system continues by the community of UBPorts (and not only). For more information take a look here.

The developer of XDA erfanoabdi - quite well known in the modding world - has ported Ubuntu Touch to Redmi Note 7, starting from releases made by other "colleagues" (NotKit e Danct12). Various images of the device have been published and also the video you see above. However, the project is far from over: touch, display and Wi-Fi work but everything else is not yet available.

In short, it is a trial release and at least in theory it seems that the OS works on the device. We will see how the project will evolve! And what do you think of this experiment? You are passionate about modding or do you always prefer to keep them ROM stock?

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