How much does the 5G of the Redmi K30 Pro consume compared to 4G? Redmi replies

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With the event of March 24, the Chinese company has raised the curtain Redmi K30 Pro, revealing all the details on the new top of the range. Despite this, there is still something to say and Lu Webing - CEO of the company - has thought well of publishing some considerations on Weibo, revealing how much the 5G of Redmi K30 Pro consumes compared to 4G.

The company reveals the consumption of the 5G of Redmi K30 Pro compared to those of the 4G standard

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As trivial as it may seem, very little has actually been thought of at the moment. How much does the 5G compared to 4G? Lu Weibing's answer is clear and obviously serves as a forerunner for some considerations on Redmi K30 Pro. With 5G connectivity, consumption increases about of 20% compared to devices equipped only with the 4G standard and for this reason - according to the CEO - it is necessary to have a larger battery available.

Specifically, the chipsets from 800 series of Qualcomm consume more energy than those of series 700 and therefore, projecting everything to high-end models, it is obvious that a device with it Snapdragon 865 5G will consume more than a 4G solution. And it is for this reason that Redmi K30 Pro is equipped with a battery from 4.700 mAh but to implement it there were challenges.

In fact, the team of engineers dedicated to the top of the range had to calculate to the millimeter the necessary space for the motherboard, for the ID sensor components in the display and for the increased battery, also taking into account the selfie camera pop-up. In short, a hard work!

What do you think of the new flagship? The device may debut soon like Xiaomi Mi 10T (and in India like POCO F2), so if you are curious to get your hands on the K30 Pro maybe just a little more patience.

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