Realme: Francis Wang replies about the guarantee validity times

realme guarantee

When buying a device, several aspects are taken into consideration. It is not, in fact, only about smartphone in itself, as much as the assistance that the brand can guarantee in case of problems. Very often the most famous companies in this sector, which offer devices at slightly higher prices, can afford better assistance. This aspect, however, seems to be close to the heart of other manufacturers as well Realme.

Realme has to deal with delays in shipments

At present several users are receiving new smartphones late. Whether they were purchased from Amazon, or that come from other stores, the situation created due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is posing some logistical problems. Which is why some people are worried about that, at home Realme la warranty may run from the moment you purchase the device.

Realme does not go back: in 2020 only high Hz

Specifically, one user complained about Twitter of this aspect, seeking clarification on this issue. Soon, however, Francis Wang proceeded to reply to the message, reassuring all Realme customers. Indeed, he reiterated that the warranty is valid from the moment the SIM is inserted into the phone. This applies, among other things, to all devices sold by the company.

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