OPPO Find X2 Pro review: a beast of power and elegance


Some Chinese companies, in recent years, have decided to push on the accelerator. From almost totally unknown, OPPO has become a company capable of channeling public attention, also here in Italy. Although in China the brand was already at the top of the market, in fact, in Europe the situation was very different. Reason why, slowly, this giant has tried to insert itself also in our economy, proposing itself as an outsider. To date, therefore, we can consider it as one of the main competitors of major brands, permanently active for decades in our territory, such as Huawei and Samsung. With Find the X2 Pro, therefore, the company has set itself precisely this goal, arriving with a product capable of making itself talked about, not only for its technical features. We will see, therefore, if he managed to capture our attention, within this too Full review.

OPPO Find X2 Pro review


Taking a look at the sales package, we immediately find details that show us the real quality of the smartphone contained inside. On the front, in fact, we find the company logo and the name of the device, accompanied by a very particular background texture. Inside the sales box, however, we find:

  • OPPO Find X2 Pro;
  • wired earphones with USB Type-C port;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • wall-mounted power supply with European socket;
  • plastic film pre-applied on the screen;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • soft cover in transparent TPU;
  • brief instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

We are faced with a smartphone that, from the first time you take it out of the pack, gives excellent feelings of solidity. In fact, one immediately senses that one is facing a well-built product. We must also take into account the fact, however, that the weight is quite strong. Find the X2 Protherefore it weighs 207 grams in our ceramic version, while it stands at 200 grams for the one with vegan leather. In terms of size, then, we are faced with a device that measures 165,2 x 74,4 x 8,8 mm. If you were looking for a compact smartphone, then, this would certainly not do for you.

oppo find x2 pro

As already mentioned, there are two versions of this smartphone. The one we had on test is the black model, with the back cover in ceramic. Immediately there is a high construction level, with the surface presenting a very particular feedback, which returns an excellent sensation to the touch. I have not personally noticed any constructive problems, as even the metal frame integrates very well with the whole structure. Both front and rear the side frames are curved, so in the end it remains poco space for the metallic frame. Despite this, however, this aspect increases handling, a feature not to be underestimated on a product of this size.

oppo find x2 pro

Going straight to the point, however, we see how only the secondary microphone has been housed on the upper part, for the suppression of rustling. On the left, on the other hand, there are the two buttons on the volume rocker, while on the opposite side there is the on / off button. Below, then, we have it SIM slot, main microphone, the entrance USB Type-C and system speaker. The latter, however, is not the only source from which the audio is emitted, as the ear capsule is also used for this purpose. Furthermore, this component has been expertly embedded between the metal frame and the front glass. Furthermore, the presence of certification should not be underestimated IP68, which makes it resistant to water and dust.

If we look better at the back we notice one triple room, assisted by the presence of different sensors and the dual flash LEDs double-toned. This was arranged vertically, along the left axis, and protrudes at least 2 mm with respect to the profile of the body. Furthermore, it occupies a good portion of the rear surface, creating a single problem. In fact, when you hold your smartphone, you always rest your index finger on the bottom of this module, inevitably dirtying the last camera located lower. If you regularly use the device with your right hand, therefore, you may run into this problem, even after several days of use.


Certainly one of the most important parts of this phone is the display. Not so much because thanks to it it is possible to view all the contents on the screen, but for the simple fact that this unit returns an incredible quality. It is, in fact, a panel OLED da 6,7 inches diagonal with resolution QHD + (3168 x 1440 pixels), refresh rate equal to 120Hz e touch screen sampling rate up to 240Hz. The whole display is also protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 6. We would have expected, perhaps, much less marked bezels but, despite this, the screen-to-body-ratio stands on 93,1%. We therefore expect an even greater reduction of the external surface in the coming years.

oppo find x2 pro

As previously mentioned, i BORDI of the front glass are curved. This solution may not even appeal to many users, because in daily use it could also be annoying in the long run. Personally, I agree with those people who do not like this solution, because sometimes it becomes almost frustrating to perform some gesture that, unfortunately, borders on this surface. From the point of view of design, however, there is no doubt that it is really very beautiful, completely immersing the customer in any video content.

The presence of the hole on the left side, which integrates one, is not particularly annoying selfie camera da 32 mega-pixels. Unlike what is shown on other competing devices, perhaps even older (see Honor 20), this component has been reduced to a minimum, occupying a very small space. However, the main characteristic of OPPO Find X, or the pop-up photographic sector. Given the more mature times, therefore, the brand has decided to adopt this solution, making this smartphone even less particular and unique.

oppo find x2 pro

There is no question of the quality of the panel that, above all, returns colors a little too saturated. However, we are given the possibility to modify this calibration by choosing tone slightly colder, or warmer. Within the relative menu, then, we will also be able to choose whether to opt for a more natural display of colors, which varies according to the ambient light, and also choose a color mode different from the preset one. It is, in fact, a panel that ultimately offers one pixel density equal to PPI 513, nothing to complain about. Also outdoors, you always see the display very well, even in the most unfavorable light situations. In case the sunlight is too strong, in fact, the system will set up to 1.200 nits, ensuring optimal visibility.

oppo find x2 pro

During the most excited writing phases I have not noticed any type of problem in typing on the keyboard, which returns a great feedback. In support of this system, in fact, we find one vibration very precise and punctual, which almost returns the sensation of clicking on real physical buttons.

Unlocking Systems

Overall, the quality of the display fully met our expectations. This also applies to the biometric sensor, placed just below it. On the official website it is not specified what type of sensor it is, but we can tell you with certainty that it is not one of the lightest on the market. Don't misunderstand these words though: it is still a fast unit but, unfortunately, the area designated for this sensor is really limited, too small. If you are not careful to place your finger as close as possible to the illuminated area, this will not detect the presence of your finger.

We have to open a separate chapter, instead, for it unlock by face recognition. Having still an OPPO Find X in the studio, we were able to make a quick comparison between these two smartphones, relatively to this sector. On the first model, therefore, the system works in any situation: in the dark, in direct sunlight, with glasses and hat, etc. With Find the X2 Prohowever, we were unable to use it under any of these conditions. When the light goes down the sensor does not recognize us, and the situation does not improve much when we wear even one pair of glasses. Here we say that 80% of the time the camera doesn't detect our face. This percentage increases, then, when we also wear a simple hat on the head.

Therefore, the operation of the latter feature did not satisfy us. For us it represents a heavy step backwards compared to the previous model, which in this respect was light years ahead, even compared to competing companies. We are happy that the brand has also included a biometric sensor in this case, but we would not have liked to see any steps backwards compared to the previous series.

Hardware & Performance

From the hardware point of view, this Find X2 Pro has nothing to envy to other top of the range released during 2020. On board, in fact, there is space for a SoC Snapdragon 865, therefore Qualcomm's latest mobile solution. It is therefore an octa-core CPU capable of releasing a maximum clock frequency of 2,84GHz, together with 12 GB of LPDDR RAM5 and 512 GB of internal UFS 3.0 memory.

oppo find x2 pro

We therefore have everything we need to not want better. On this device, therefore, it is possible to really carry out any type of activity, even those notoriously more expensive from an energy point of view. Not all applications are kept in memory, it's obvious. Let's say, however, that the last six, in order of opening, are generally always ready for use without there being boring reloads. Looking more generally at the smartphone, therefore, there is a remarkable execution speed. It is not just about starting individual App, but also simple movements that are performed within the settings. Despite this, however, the brand with the ColorOS 7 wanted to give greater weight to a more pleasing experience to the eye, offering iPhone-style animations that make everything softer in movement.

Finally, there is not much to say about the brute performance of this device. I have not experienced any problems in viewing video content, even streaming via Netflix o Amazon Prime Video. On this smartphone, in fact, certification is found Widevine of type L1, which allows viewing of any movie or TV series at the highest possible resolution. If that's not enough, then, we also have technology available HDR, which offers truly unique image optimization. We also find technology Motion Clean, which is capable of upscaling from 30fps to 60 / 120fps your video content, even on platforms like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. Excellent performances, then, also on gaming. In fact, all gamers will be able to count on one Adreno GPU 650, a large display and power to sell. You will have no problem, therefore, even with the heaviest games, like Call of Duty Mobile o Real Racing 3.



We have already mentioned the presence of the new one ColorOS 7. Specifically, on this smartphone we already find the version 7.1, which has also recently been updated with some slight changes to the system. It is a makeover important, which places the user in front of a different system from the previous one. All the icons have been changed, the degree of personalization of the interface has been increased, there has been an important variation of the quick toggle and much more.

In our opinion, however, this new interface always pivots on the same type of problems that plagued the ColorOS 6. We have therefore not noticed any change in the settings, since in any case all the voices continue to be too fragmented and in too high a number. We put ourselves in the shoes of a less experienced user several times and we understood that, among the competition, perhaps such software it is the least intuitive one. We believe, therefore, that you still need some refinement, to make all those options that are usually touched more frequently more usable. We are happy, however, that the level of customization so be it high.

Despite all the criticisms that can be made to the software, here we find the various options of Android 10, Such as Dark Mode. We have not noticed, then, defects deriving from some wrong translation, therefore in this respect the work of OPPO is absolutely to be commended. We would have been reluctant, in fact, to promote a poorly translated system on a smartphone of this caliber. Find X2 Pro, however, is not exempt from little bugs which, however, do not affect its operation. They are so sporadic, in fact, that we did not have time to put them back into action. It is therefore a complete and, above all, stable software. OPPO has done a great job from this point of view, because any animation on the smartphone has been treated in detail and, even if the device is heavily exploited, there is never a sudden crash.


On the back we find a respectable photographic sector. So to start, we have a main sensor from 48MP, un Sony IMX689 with 1 / 1.4 ″ amplitude, f / 1.7 aperture, 7P lenses, OIS, Omnidirectional All Pixel Autofocus, dual native ISO, 12bit RAW shots, Ultra Night Mode 3.0 and HDR Live Video. Second sensor, then, is represented by wide angle da 48MP, for an Sony IMX586 with 1/2 "width, f / 2.2 aperture, 6P lenses, 120 ° wide angle, macro shots up to 3cm, Ultra Night Mode 3.0 and Ultra Steady Video Pro. Last but not least, a periscopic telephoto lens da 13MP with f / 3.0 aperture, 5P lenses, OIS, second generation 10x Hybrid Zoom, digital zoom up to 60x and Ultra Night Mode 3.0.

Beyond all these specifications, therefore, we must also certify how theinterface has been taken care of and improved, while presenting a style practically identical to that shown on the previous ColorOS. Despite this, how does this Find X2 Pro take pictures? We must say that the first place on DxOMark it is more than deserved, even when you are in complicated light conditions. From all points of view, in fact, the colors are always fairly faithful to reality and the software tends not to overexpose too much when you are backlit. With the main sensor from 48MPFurthermore, you can appreciate a really excellent detail in the point and shoot. By taking advantage of automatic HDR, the system can constantly detect the best situation in which to use it, rather quickly.

Among the modes present in the software we find various shooting possibilities, including it zoom 2x, 5x e 10x. Thanks to the image stabilization system, you can always get sharp photos, without any blur effect. At night, however, we note the photographic noise especially with the 5x zoom. We do not recommend zooming in so much in such conditions, however, because the quality drops really much.

We also delighted in making some photos with the wide angle. We must say that with this sensor you can get good shots, also with quite satisfactory details. Let's repeat, as mentioned in other reviews, that this is really an indispensable lens. It could come in much more useful, in fact, than zoom. Its use is not recommended, however, during the darkest hours of the day, because so much detail is lost, acquiring a level of photographic noise that is still evident. Nothing to say, however, about the macro, that allow you to get very close to the subject in the foreground, revealing an exceptional quality. Again, though, be sure to stay in a well-lit spot to get the most out of the sensor.

During the notte the quality drops only slightly, because even in the most difficult conditions all artificial lights are not handled badly. This, therefore, presupposes that you only use night mode when strictly necessary. The moment the light it is good, in fact, using this mode will completely ruin the original image, offering you an additional brightness that is not needed. Not so marked on digital noise, especially when we are in optimal conditions, returning a black and almost imperfect sky. From this point of view, therefore, the differences with Find X are really many, a sign that the company has worked a lot in this respect.

We also have a selfie camera 32MP which, compared to the one shown on Find X, does not show huge steps forward. It must be said, however, that even in this case the company's work is tangible. All photos, in fact, return much more real colors and a number of details undoubtedly greater than in the past. However, the is not yet perfect bokeh mode, which could definitely be better. Great thing, however, the presence of the Ultra Night Mode 3.0 also on this sensor, which improves not of poco overall quality in difficult lighting conditions.


Even at the video level there is absolutely no lack of various choices. We have the ability to shoot content in 1080 to 60fps o 4K, always at 60fps. This allows us to enjoy top quality, thanks above all to the integrated stabilization system, which allows us to maintain excellent fluidity even in the most difficult conditions. Taking a look at the camera interface, in fact, we see how on the top there is a small symbol, which indicates the mode Ultra Steady. This offers a plus in terms of stabilization, helping you in all those occasions when the sensor is heavily tested. We think, for example, of a race or a simple bike ride.

From this point of view the recorded images convinced us, except for what concerns the frontal room. In fact, we would have expected better electronic stabilization on this sensor, but there is no discussion about the quality of the images.


Under the body beats a SoC Snapdragon 865, which integrates a X55 modem by Qualcomm dedicated to 5G. This component, therefore, is capable of releasing a theoretical peak speed of 7.5 Gbps, guaranteeing absolutely top-level external connectivity. We just have to write down a problem that somehow bothered us. When the cell change takes place, therefore we pass by Wi-Fi to the network LTE, the smartphone completely loses the connection. It almost seems that the whole system falls asleep, forcing us to reset theAPN of our operator. Only then does everything work out perfectly again. It is probably the operator with whom we tested the device, then Fastweb.

As anticipated, however, on board we also find the Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac / ax Dual Band, Bluetooth 5.1, an entrance USB Type-C el 'NFC. We also remind you that through the USB-C input you will be able to take advantage of OTG technology, as well as connect the earphones in the package and transmit video content on another screen. There is no shortage, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo for satellite navigation which, by testing it, turns out to be practically impeccable.

Finally, a single smartphone can be inserted on this smartphone Nano SIM, without any possibility of expanding the internal memory or adding a second card.


Fnd X2 Pro is certified Dolby Atmos, having a dual stereo speaker that allows you to enjoy very full-bodied and immersive audio. In addition to speaker placed at the bottom, in fact, the sound is also conveyed by the ear capsule. In this respect, therefore, we are facing one of the best products in its category. Despite this, however, I would have expected to find bassi slightly more pronounced, because on some occasions the sound turns out to be a little flat. Nothing to say, however, about the wired headphones in the package. On Netflix I have used them a lot and I liked them, not excelling in any feature anyway. At this price, however, the company could have dared even more, adding maybe a couple of in the package true wireless earphones.

When we talk to someone on the phone we don't experience any problems Audio, in every situation. TO high volumetherefore our interlocutor feels well, even in slightly more crowded environments. On the other side of the receiver, moreover, everyone declares to hear our voice clearly and precisely, without any metallic effect. Being first of all a phone, we say that it is absolutely not an aspect to be overlooked.


On board there is a battery from 4.260 mAh, equipped with the fast charging support SuperVOOC da 65W. This lays the foundations for a truly important type of autonomy, which however does not fear even the most stressful days. With my standard use, with a mixture of 4G e Wi-Fi, so much web browsing, social (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), Chat (Whatsapp, Telegram) and some call, I have always ended a working day. Generally around eight in the evening, however, I needed to recharge the smartphone. We leave you below, however, all the various battery data.

You will have no problem reloading that unit, since to pass by 10 to 100% it will only take 40 minutes about. Obviously this is a longer time than the one declared, but only because in our case we have tested it in the worst possible condition, therefore keeping the screen on. This feature totally changes your life.

Price & Conclusions

OPPO FIND X2 PRO is sold in Italy at the price of 1.199 €, starting from8st May. It is therefore a very important figure. What many might ask, therefore, is: "Is it really worth it?". We are a bit 'in a stalemate regarding this decision, although we are more likely to think that staying below the threshold of 1.000 would have benefited this smartphone.

We do not believe that this product is perfect, or is worth that figure as well as all smartphones over € 1000. There are still inaccuracies, little bugs, which do not fully justify this at this time price. It is important to emphasize that our test unit may differ, especially as software, compared to the retail version which will obviously be more refined.

Despite this, it seems that the brand is going to be serious, even on the updates side. After a few days of use, in fact, the first important update arrived immediately, which immediately fixed some small problems. If this customer focus should also be maintained in the future, then, Find X2 Pro could be the right choice for many users who are targeting the premium market. We would have expected, however, a leap in absolute quality as innovations compared to Find X, which, for example, regarding the unlocking system is superior. However, these are small details, which can always make a difference to these figures.

Design & Construction
Hardware & Performance
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