OnePlus Z will be the cheapest of 2020, but be patient


To the question "There will never be a successor to OnePlus X?“, The OnePlus management has always responded spades. This is to focus on the success of the top models, since 2017 not just one but at least two more. But since the company decided to raise prices, in the face of increasingly technology-filled phones, the need to satisfy even the most attentive to the wallet has returned. This is why 2020 will see the return of a cheaper model: initially it was thought to be OnePlus 8 Litebut the rumors about Oneplus z again confuse the waters.

The OnePlus 8 Pro display will be even brighter

OnePlus X2 will be made, but will have an unpublished name and will be part of the OnePlus Z series

After 5 years spent aiming exclusively at the premium category, OnePlus is reflecting on how to satisfy even the smallest economic segments. It is almost obvious that 2020 will represent a further evolution for the company's commercial proposal, no longer limited to one model but even three. The third could be the aforementioned OnePlus 8 Lite, but for days there are rumors of a possible launch of an heir of OnePlus X. Already with previous rumors it was clear, however, that this legacy would be moved under one new series.

And now we may have discovered the name of this new family, as Max Weinbach and Ishan Agarwal's tweets indicate. It would be called Oneplus z and would resume the same hardware as the Lite model, so one wonders if they will be the same phone. Also because four models may be too much, for a community accustomed to few but good models for years. What seems almost obvious is that the presentation of the phone will not take place simultaneously with OnePlus 8. An understandable move, so as not to amass all the public's attention and spread it over several months.

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