MINIX NEO Storage review: the Type-C hub with integrated SSD!


In today's review we will analyze an extremely useful product for all those who own a notebook with entrance USB Type-C and who wish to have a multifunction hub which can increase the number of available ports and which can integrate a SSD. How will this have behaved MINIX NEO Storage after several weeks of use? Will it really be so useful and valid? We just have to find out in our full review.

MINIX NEO Storage Review

Unboxing - MINIX NEO Storage

Inside the sales package there is only the following equipment:

  • MINIX NEO Storage
  • manuals.

Design and construction

From the point of view of the design there are no particular news compared to the competition, as the MINIX NEO Storage has the classic rectangular shape with a body made of light aluminum and with a reinforced cable to resist bending.


In general it is a product that can be appreciated and that perfectly matches the style of modern notebooks. The dimensions are of 115 x 43.5 x 11 millimeters for a weight of just 113 grams (about).


On board we find 2 USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI input with maximum output in 4K at 30 fps and a USB Type-C input for Power Delivery only.


This MINIX NEO Storage turns out to be a very useful product, because in addition to combining different inputs, it allows us to store our data internally thanks to theSSD da 120 GB, doing it among other things rather quickly.


In fact, I did several data transfer tests both from my notebook to the hub and from a pen drive connected to the hub or from the smartphone always connected to the hub and the results were satisfactory. Later I leave you a benchmark.

Minix Neo Storage

To give you a practical example I have transferred a folder with 1939 8.5 GB files from smartphone al MINIX NEO Storage and it took little less than 11 minutes to complete the operation.

Apart from this aspect, the HDMI output also works well and there have been no hitches, just as there were none with the USB Type-C Power Delivery port that does its job without any problems.


Finally, I would like to point out that theInternal SSD is not replaceable, but the company also produced the model with 240 GB storage. It will not be possible to replace it because with these configurations maximum acceptable temperatures are guaranteed.


Il MINIX NEO Storage it's a ottimo prodotto that will allow us to expand the potential of our notebook, but above all it is almost unique because there are very few competitors that can give it a hard time.

Precisely for this reason in cost it will not be like that of the classic hubs (since we have an SSD on board) and in fact it will be possible to buy it on Amazon about 92 € in the version from 120 GB o 93 € in the variant from 240 GB (obviously in this case I recommend you buy the second one).