Huawei launches the new smart thermos, with the temperature display

huawei thermos smart

We know how Huawei is always attentive to its customers, from all points of view. This company, however, is not only engaged in the production of smartphone, And accessories annexes. Sometimes, in fact, it also launches itself in the development of products related to home automation, which can come in handy for most people. Reason why, in recent days, has decided to present a new one smart thermos, with display on which the water temperature is also indicated.

Huawei produces an IPX7 certified thermos

huawei thermos smart

From what we can see on Official site, it seems that the thermos of Huawei be able to show the water temperature. On the cap, in fact, there is a small black and white display that, in addition to giving this an indication, also provides other data. This surrounds, therefore, a structure made with well 3 layers of stainless steel, which is able to isolate the content for a maximum duration of 24 hours. Obviously, then, this accessory also has certification IPX7.

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It is a smart thermos because inside there is a sensor can detect the water quality. In fact, if you hold down for a long time on the screen, the data relating to this information appears. Obviously, then, it is also possible to connect everything with it smartphone means Huawei HiLink. Thanks to it, therefore, various alarms can be set which, after a certain period of time, will remind us to drink regularly.

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