Problems for Huawei: Chat Partner hit, new block to Google services

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Huawei is pushing predominantly in the development of alternative platforms to the one proposed by Google. Starting from your own AppGallery, but also with the help of third parties, as in the case of AppBazar. HarmonyOS has not replaced Android, used in the free AOSP version, but i Google services they are no longer officially available. However, there are gods alternative methods to be able to install them on non-certified devices, but these possibilities may soon end. Indeed, gods may have already been implemented deeper blocks, as indicated by the latest reports on the net.

30 July update: despite the blocking of Chat Parner it is still possible to install Google services thanks to a new (working) method. Here you will find all the details.

There are growing reports of problems installing Google services on Huawei smartphones

It is a problem that affects only the most recent models, therefore without Google certification, as in the case of Huawei Mate 30 and shortly Huawei P40 e Honor 30. All terminals without GMS and related Google and Play Store apps, but also Widevine DRM certification for streaming and SafetyNet for banks. Previously methods like LZPlay allowed to bypass the initial block, but gradually they were all blocked for obvious reasons.

The most recent method is called Chat partner, but the latest tests have shown that it doesn't work on phones like Huawei Nova 5i. The only supported model seemed to be Mate 30 Pro, but for a few days it seems that even on this it no longer works. Also because doubts have arisen about its legitimacy in terms of security, both for the permissions required to function and for the request (to be ignored) to enter your Google login data.

The fact is that some of the users who have used this method have started to appear pop-up messages by Google Play. It is not yet clear why, but it is possible that Google has made further changes for block sideloading GMS. There is a way to bypass this additional block: find the Google Service Framework via an app to check the ID of your device. At this point you can log in to the Google account affected by the browser and whitelist the device through this link. This is only possible if you have managed to use Chat Partner before this new block appears.

In the case of the new models, this will not be possible, as the whitelist mechanism no longer seems to work. At this point you just have to wait and see new implications for the Huawei and Google affair.

14 update: 30

At this point we decided to test this situation by hand, trying to take advantage of Chat Partner on a brand new one Honor 9X Pro. The result was negative, failing to install Google services correctly. Once the ritual procedure has been performed, the aforementioned pop-up message from the Google Play Services appears in the notifications. Trying to click, you get the next screen where we are informed that the device is not certified Play Protect.

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