Huawei: where did you place the camera in this patent?

huawei patent

If we take a look at the latest smartphone released on the market, we immediately notice that companies are trying to compete on several fronts. On the one hand, many try to find alternative solutions to the typical flat display, others still try to integrate the selfie camera as well as possible. With regard to this last point, therefore, we must inform you of the presence of a new patent released by Huawei, who seems to have studied a truly unique photographic sector.

Huawei wants to move the photo module to the back

huawei patent

Let's see, from the images that appeared on the net, how Huawei is studying an alternative solution for the photographic form rear. This request, among other things, dates back to July 15 of last year and has only recently been approved. We still don't know, however, what pushed this brand to move all cameras to the left. Taking a look at the renderings, in fact, we note that the typical circular module that houses the various sensors is located on the left side of the body.

Huawei P40 Pro + 5G will be the top version, but you will not be able to have it

As said, it is difficult to imagine the reasons that led to such a solution. Above all, however, it is only a yield which, in fact, is not applicable to any smartphone arriving on the market. We will see, therefore, if in the coming months we will be able to have further clarifications on the matter.

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