How to force the EMUI update on Huawei and Honor

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Recently the update to the Magic UI 3.0 Stable appeared, currently roll out for users with a device Honor 20, 20 Pro or View 20. Are you unable to update despite the new firmware being released and want to know how to force the EMUI update? Don't worry, just use this practical trick, valid for all devices Huawei e Honor, both with updates of the Magic UI that of the EMUI.

Huawei and Honor: here's how to force the EMUI update (with firmware roll out)

huawei honor emui update

The procedure to follow is very simple and does not require root permissions or practices that could compromise the warranty of your smartphone. Below are all the useful steps to force the updating of the EMUI (or Magic UI) on board the devices Huawei e Honorby simply taking advantage of the application Support, pre-installed on all the smartphones of the two Chinese brands.

  • open the Support app;
  • go to Personal (the icon at the bottom right) and from here, in Settings;
  • click on Remove Cache;
  • now go back to the main screen of the app and click on Services;
  • among the quick services you will find the Update icon;
  • you will be redirected to the Software Update and you should find the latest firmware ready to be downloaded.

Obviously we emphasize that the procedure is valid only for stable software being released. Whenever the company publishes an update it is distributed via incremental roll out; this means that the release starts from a narrow base and then arrives on all models Huawei e Honor concerned. The procedure in other allows to speed up everything and to have the update immediately available.

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