Huawei: new teasers reveal the EMUI 10.1

emui 10.1

Very little is missing to announce the new ones Huawei P40. In a few hours, in fact, we will really discover everything about these devices, although some information are already in our possession. During these months, in fact, these devices have made a lot of talk about themselves, giving a more than clear idea of ​​what we will have to expect in the presentation. We don't know much yet, however, about the software, or the new one EMUI 10.1.

What news will we see in EMUI 10.1?

We still have no idea what news can be implemented on the new one EMUI 10.1 di Huawei. With the announcement of the P40 series we will certainly know more, even if at the moment we have some in our hands teaser. Hard to say what the most important functions will be in this new one interface, for the simple fact that these images appeared on the net do not specify anything. Let's see how we speak, however, of multitasking and something that could refer to video gaming on smartphone.

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Let's say that these messages have been voluntarily encrypted to not reveal anything about the new interface. We will have to wait, therefore, to finally see the series Huawei P40 at work, to understand all its facets.

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