Huami: 72,4% growth only in 2019, thanks to its wearable devices


During the past year, the market seems to have grown even more wearable devices. In fact, many companies have started to produce these accessories, effectively entering a really crowded market. As often happens, therefore, pricing policy has determined the level of competition, favoring some brands and disadvantaging others. Among these, therefore, Huami is one of those brands that has benefited from this situation, often offering SmartWatch characterized by an excellent relationship quality price. So much to be able to grow, in 2019, in an important way.

Huami, we remind you, is the owner of the Amazfit brand

amazfit gts

Over the past year Huami has grown up of the 72,4%, totalizing 42,3 millions of shipments of wearable devices around the world. According to these data, therefore, only in the last quarter about 2.114 billion yuan entered the company's coffers, therefore 271 million euros. It is a quick one growth, which confirms even more the validity of this brand and its devices, on all those with the Amazfit brand.

Amazfit T-Rex is available in preorder in Italy

In the fourth quarter there was an explosion of the phenomenon, given that shipments they settled on 14,7 million units. If we take a look at the data of the previous year, then 2018, we see how in the last quarter the company shipped "only" 9,2 million pieces. We therefore believe that there is still room for growth, given that the sector is constantly expanding.

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