How to download WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook on Huawei and Honor without Google

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Ever since the US decided to enter Huawei ed Honor in the Entity List, the company's smartphones cannot use the Play Store. Although the alternative AppGallery is getting richer, many of the are still missing on the platform most used apps on mobile. For this reason it was decided to publish an official page which allows direct access to the APK file of the main apps. There are WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, but also YouTube, Telegram and many others, all taken directly from APKPure. For this reason we took the ball and we decided to create a special page where to find them all. Given the amount of useful apps, we have divided everything into categories. If you think that one of the most popular apps is missing, let us know in the comments and eventually we will add it.

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Huawei and Honor without Play Store: here's how to download the main apps

Google suite

Social & Internet

Streaming & Music


Maps & Travel


Food & Supermarkets


Weather & Information

Video Game



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