Dibea D008 Pro review: cheap and functional electric broom!

Dibea D008 Pro

Over the months we have had the opportunity to try a long series of electric brooms and Dibea has always stood out for good products at an honest price. For this reason, today we are going to review the Dibea D008 Pro, a product located below the psychological threshold of 150 € which is particularly attractive thanks to the many accessories that are supplied.

I don't want to go too far into this opening and so let's immediately find out what are the strengths and weaknesses of this vacuum cleaner in our complete review.

Dibea D008 Pro review

Unboxing - Dibea D008 Pro

Inside the sales package we find a rich equipment that includes the following elements:

  • Dibea D008 Pro;
  • metal extension;
  • main brush with rotating roller;
  • rigid plastic lance;
  • rigid plastic brush;
  • mini rotating brush;
  • folding brush for carpets;
  • articulated extension "by car";
  • wall base;
  • screws for the base;
  • instruction manual.

Dibea D008 Pro

Design and construction

Il design in Casa del Dibea D008 Pro it is similar to that of the other products of the Chinese house, which means that it is similar to that of the first ones Dyson. This time the aluminum extension was painted red and I must say that I particularly appreciate its overall look, although the materials used are not comparable to those of a Dreame V9P.

In fact, the Plastics are cheapest compared to those of the "Xiaomi" counterpart, but on the other hand Dibea ranks in a lower price range. Let's say the quality reflects that of any other electric broom than on Amazon is situated between the 150 and the 200 euro.

Dibea D008 Pro

The attacks flow well and you will not find obstacles in changing the various brushes, but one thing that has not convinced me much is that on the main brushes there is a block that allows the broom to remain in upright position. The only alternative is to make holes in the wall and install the base supplied.

Il handle presents the classic pistol grip which I found very convenient, above all because, by pressing the button once, the broom will remain in operation automatically, avoiding the trouble of having to keep it pressed. Overall the vacuum cleaner weighs approx 2.3 kilograms, but once in operation the rotating brush will help us slightly in the movements making the weight less accused.

Continuing to talk about the beating heart of the broom, at the top we find the vent grid positioned upwards so as not to throw on us the air deriving from the vacuum cleaner and so as not to make wind on the floor by raising the dirt more fine.

Dibea D008 Pro

For the rest, all parts of the Dibea D008 Pro they can be dismounted through the appropriate buttons, except battery and it is not removable. This could be a weakness for many of you who want to have a spare to finish cleaning without having to wait for it to recharge again.

Finally, great absent and the LED to illuminate the floor during cleaning, I know that with this type of main brush it would have been difficult to implement it, but it would have given this product an extra boost.

Dibea D008 Pro


  • Power: 250W;
  • Maximum suction power: 17.000 Pa;
  • Minimum suction power: 9.000 Pa;
  • Motor speed: 80.000 rpm;
  • Container capacity: 550 ml;
  • Noise: 75 dB;
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours;
  • Autonomy: 30 minutes at minimum power and 15 minutes at maximum power.


Learn to use the Dibea D008 Pro it is very simple because just press the button to start the suction and select the suction mode. There are only two, minima e maxim, and we can alternate them simply by pressing the button "+/-" located on the top.

Through the 3 status LEDs on the handle we can understand theresidual autonomy and, obviously, this varies according to the modality that we will use. So let's see in more detail what their main features are:

  • Minimum mode: can clean sufficiently as long as you pass several times in the same places. It has no problems with a little more consistent dirt, but for dust, flour or the like, more power is required to be sucked 100% at the first shot;
  • Maximum mode: personally I have used almost only the latter, as it is the one that manages to guarantee greater performance with minimal effort. The vacuum cleaner is able to capture both the finest and the “coarsest” dirt without the rotating brush rejecting it on the first pass. This is indeed a common feature for some cheap electric brooms, but fortunately we have not encountered this problem here.

In short, as you well understand the Dibea D008 Pro gives his best to maximum power, as using it to a minimum the performances are average.

If you want to use this broom to clean the machine, simply replace the steel tube with the "spring" one and then attach the lance brush to clean between the cracks in the seats, or the smaller rotating one to clean the seats.

Among the many solutions, one cannot miss the one for rugs which, however, does not seem to be particularly powerful, but which despite everything represents a plus compared to competitors.

In short, the types of use are quite varied and you can clean your apartment from top to bottom with a budget only 130 €.

Dibea D008 Pro

Finally we come to the container dirt which has a capacity of 550 ml and has a downward opening. This time, unlike others, the opening is intelligent, as it is enough to press a button and it will open automatically, so we will avoid getting our hands dirty. Obviously if the dust has remained attached to the filter we could disassemble all the various components.


La Dibea D008 Pro owns a battery from 2200 mAh not removable, which will vary its autonomy based on the mode used. Indeed, al maximum power we can go as far as 15 minutes, While at the minimum we approach the 30 minutes.

A little bit if you think that we can not replace the battery and that the full recharge will need around 4 hours. In short, from this point of view the Chinese company could do more.

Conclusions - Dibea D008 Pro

So we arrive at conclusions and I must tell you that this Dibea D008 Pro I did not mind if we calculate its current price. In fact, thanks to the offers that we share daily on GizDeals you can take her home with approximately EUR 130 directly from Banggood.

At this figure I must say that the performance are balanced and that it is worth what it costs, although to make the most of it you will always have to use the maximum power mode.

However, I noticed that with only 30 euros more you could buy the Dreame V9P da DHgate and personally at that price I highly recommend this alternative, both because it has better materials and design, and because it is more efficient.