China and Huawei want to reinvent the internet, but there are those who fear the worst

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Whenever there are the words “Internet"and "China”In the same sentence someone raises their eyebrows and makes a strange face. Over the years the nation has shown that it is approaching this form of communication with practices that are well different from those we Westerners are used to. On the one hand, the diffusion of the web is so widespread that you can pay via smartphone in shops where here in Italy they do not even accept the card. On the other hand, it is clear that the Chinese government has far greater intervention and control powers than other parts of the world. Powers that often translate into behaviors deemed illegal by us and which lead to ethical divisions. The most obvious example for us telephony lovers is the absence of Google in China. An absence compensated by producers like Huawei, found themselves forced to create different ROMs to approach our markets.

Huawei responds hard on chipset issues from the U.S.

Huawei thinks of a new internet protocol for China

But Huawei is not only a phone brand, but a key company in the telecommunications sector too, especially in China. And that's why Huawei, together with the main telephone operators, is planning the creation of a new internet infrastructure for China. The group of companies that is working on this project has proposed a new IP protocol to the International Telecommunication Union called "NewIP". It would theoretically be more efficient than the current TCP / IP protocol, but doubts about its implications are quite large.

Without going too far into the technical, this new protocol would show the side to potential authoritarian regimes in terms of censorship and surveillance. We even talk about the presence of what is called a "shut-up command", With which to practically close access to data by a specific address. Hence political, but also social, economic and so on problems could arise, especially in such a controversial nation as China.

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New IP prepares to raise discussions on the internet privacy issue

The doubts do not end here, unfortunately. There is some concern that this NewIP requires authentication by the person relating to that given internet address. If already in China it is required that social profiles are associated with a identity card, this obligation may even be passed on to the connection itself.

If and when there is actually this switch, it is still early to say, even if in reality i first tests they should already start ad start 2021. In the meantime, a Huawei spokesman spoke up on the matter, stating that NewIP is designed exclusively for "manage the technical needs of a constantly changing digital landscape"And not to check the user. Especially in areas such as self-driving cars and augmented reality, specifying that this technology is open to scientists and engineers around the world and not something closed.

At this point the decision as to whether or not to approve this type of technology is in the hands of the ITU, without considering that a sufficient number of nations should adopt it to make it useful.

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