BlitzWolf Smart Home review: the best accessories for value for money!

blitzwolf smart home

For some time now, more and more people have loved to be surrounded by objects that they can communicate in some way with them. These are accessories that are part of the world of home automation, and that they can easily be connected to their smartphone. Thanks to them, it is often possible to detect intruders inside your home, manage water leaks, report the opening of some doors, and much more. We have had the opportunity to try some of these products, which come directly from Smart Home di blitzwolf, so we want to tell you about our experience in this regard Full review.

BlitzWolf Smart Home review


We are not talking about a real one unboxing, because in this case we have been dominated by a series of small boxes containing the various sensors. Inside them, however, we do not find anything so special that it should be reported. Let's see, therefore, what are the products that we have been able to test, below:

  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor;
  • ZigBee Water Leak Sensor;
  • 2 x Rechargeable ZigBee PIR Motion Sensor;
  • ZigBee Contact Sensor;
  • ZigBee 3.0 Gateway.

In the packs containing these products we find, as mentioned, everything you need. This means that, for example, the water leak sensor (ZigBee Water Leak Sensor) has already been installed button battery needed to make it work. In the two motion sensors (Rechargeable ZigBee PIR Motion Sensor), then, i dowels and viti to fix them to the wall. Only in the temperature sensor (Temperature & Humidity Sensor), unfortunately, we do not find AAA batteries.

Design & Materials

We will try to summarize in this chapter all the technical characteristics of the various products tested. From an aesthetic point of view, in fact, they do not present big differences, showing a precise stylistic line. All the accessories, in fact, are mainly of White color, showing only a few shades of lighter gray. It seems clear, therefore, how BlitzWolf wanted to emphasize a design more minimal and less showy. All of them, however, have the company logo and some more important technical specifications.

blitzwolf smart home

What do these products have in common? In addition to all the things we have already talked about previously, these sensors have the same type of configuration. Except for the sensor for detecting water leaks and the one for temperature, which work by means of external batteries, all the others have the following keys ed inputs:

  • On / Off;
  • Device reset;
  • microUSB for charging.

From this point of view, therefore, you will not get confused even when you want to expand the presence of these devices in your home. Sorry, however, that the company has not thought about introducing inputs USB Type-C, although everything is justified by rather low prices. We are not, however, in the presence of particularly fragile products, even if in some places the plastic does not seem to be very resistant. They were however designed to never be touched after installation, so there is no danger that they can break without any stress.

It can be seen as the central control, to which the Gateway, it is developed in a totally different way from the other sensors. This deals, in fact, with the communication with the same, simply presenting a power pack and a single button on the front. The latter forces the connection of the system and the connection with all the satellites.

Hardware & Specifications

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

blitzwolf smart home

  • Model: BW-IS4;
  • Net weight: 70g;
  • Communication Distance: 50m;
  • Dimensions: 61 x 23 mm;
  • Error in the evaluation of humidity: 5%;
  • Error in temperature evaluation: 0,5 °;
  • Voltage: 3V;
  • Signal transmission frequency: 2.4GHz;
  • LCD display.

ZigBee Water Leak Sensor

blitzwolf smart home

  • Model: BW-IS5;
  • Net weight: 28g;
  • Waterproof: IP66;
  • Dimensions: 50 x 18 mm;
  • Voltage: 3V;
  • Signal transmission frequency: 2.4GHz;

Rechargeable ZigBee PIR Motion Sensor

blitzwolf smart home

  • Model: BW-IS3;
  • Net weight: 52,3g;
  • Detection range: 6 - 8m;
  • Detection angle: 110 °;
  • Dimensions: 75,8 x 50,8 mm;
  • Battery: 500mAh;
  • Signal transmission frequency: 2.4GHz.

ZigBee Contact Sensor

blitzwolf smart home

  • Model: BW-IS2;
  • Battery: 500mAh;
  • Minimum alarm activation distance: 20mm;
  • Signal transmission frequency: 2.4GHz;
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4+, iOS 8.0+.

ZigBee 3.0 Gateway

blitzwolf smart home

  • Model: BW-IS1;
  • Net weight: 50g;
  • Dimensions: 75 x 22 mm;
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz;
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC;
  • Communication Distance: 150m;
  • Wi-Fi signal reception: -95dBm.


You will not be able to do withoutBlitzWolf app, present on Play Store e App Store. This is absolutely free, as well as indispensable to connect all your products under one roof. When you have proceeded with the installation of this application, all you have to do is enter it and start to associate all the various products in your possession. Each of them, in order to be scanned, shows a different process, but don't worry. All the details will be shown on your phone screen instructions to complete the association with the accessory. This also applies, and above all, to the Gateway central, which will allow you to control multiple devices contemporeamente. This could be useful in case you want to program one scenario, therefore impart some actions to your products at every single time automatically.

blitzwolf smart home

With the products we had available, we weren't able to test anyone Scenario. If, on the other hand, we had lights or movement systems, we could have set these automatically, activating or deactivating them according to the different hours of the day.

We can only certify, therefore, that all the tested accessories work properly, as well as the application itself. Inside, in fact, we can keep track of all the movements that took place inside the room in which the motion sensors (Rechargeable ZigBee PIR Motion Sensor), also being able to set an alarm that warns us with a notification of the presence of a intruder. Even the door system (ZigBee Contact Sensor), therefore those that detect the contact, they work the same way. They warn the moment when a door was opened, as well as when it is closed, showing the day and time within the app. About the temperature and humidity sensor (Temperature & Humidity Sensor), then, we can take a look at the values ​​measured on the app itself, where i are also indicated graphics with the trend of these two parameters. Sorry only that the application is not always perfect, presenting some bugs in the display of some items that, we hope, can be solved soon.

blitzwolf smart home

About the sensor that reveals the water leaks (ZigBee Water Leak Sensor) we can say that we have not felt the need. We have been able to test, however, how this also detects a few drops of too much that accidentally falls near its surface. In times of need, therefore, he would certainly be ready to notify us of a possible flood.

BlitzWolf App

We have already discussed this in part in the previous paragraph. This, therefore, still has some minor inaccuracies. Not so much at the level of translation, the more graphically, since often some option disappears and some areas cannot be accessed. For the rest this presents a minimal and also quite simple style. In main screenin fact, we see all the various products that we went to associate. Entering each of them, then, we will have access to other additional information. We will get to see it battery status of each single unit, as well as the history of all the data that, over time, have been collected.

It will be possible to customize the various rooms, adding the different accessories inside each one. In this way we will have full control of everything around us, being able to independently manage every single part. In the second screen, then, we can set several Scenarios or a program of Automation. By clicking on the + present on the right, then, we will have the opportunity to personalize each of these programs, changing its name, adding accessories and much more. In the last entry, finally, we will have access to ours account. There will also be a Message center, which will shortly collect all the various alarms triggered during the day. Unfortunately, I was unable to set it up with Google Home, so I was unable to test its working capabilities with Google Assistant, let alone with Alexa, with which it is compatible.

We have not detected any malfunctions with the BlitzWolf app, despite the problems mentioned above. Once my account was created, in fact, everything worked properly, never showing any stumbling blocks or crash sudden. It is a very simple application, it is true, but the critical issues could always be felt if it were done really badly.

Prices & Conclusions

Let's see at what price all these products are sold. If we take a look on Aliexpress, in fact, we find them all easily, and have figures lower than 20 euro each. We have a single product, in fact, which stands on this figure and is the Gateway 3.0. In light of this, therefore, I think this system is one of the best for value for money. In fact, on the market it is not easy to find a system so well integrated with these figures, although there are still some problems that necessarily need to be solved.

In case you don't have too much money to spend, even if you want to make your home more home automation Smart Home di BlitzWolf it might be right for you.