BlitzWolf BW-FUN4 is the UV germicidal lamp for your wardrobe

BlitzWolf BW-FUN4 UV germicidal lamp

For users who aim for maximum hygiene, the UV germicidal lamp Blizwolf BW-FUN4 it represents a perfect choice to sterilize the most "at risk" environments (such as a shoe rack, for example). And then it is a product on offer flash on Banggood, at a really attractive price!

The Blitzwolf BW-FUN4 Germicidal Lamp is on offer flash at Banggood

BlitzWolf BW-FUN4 UV germicidal lamp

La BlitzWolf BW-FUN4 UV germicidal lamp it performs an important antibacterial action, with a sterilization rate of 99.99%. It is a particularly compact and portable solution, suitable for closed environments (or in any case from less than 2 square meters), such as wardrobes, shoe racks, refrigerators. Obviously it is preferable not to use it in too large rooms, so as not to lose effectiveness.

The sterilization cycle lasts 30 minutes: just turn on the germicidal lamp and step away from the same to let it act. The device integrates a battery from 700 mAh, rechargeable through the appropriate microUSB port. With a refill, Blitzwolf's UV germicidal lamp guarantees up to 4/5 sterilization cycles.

Below you will find the purchase link, where you will find the pre-order product at a discounted price.

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