ZMI Bluetooth Speaker: an Amazon Echo Dot with wireless charging

zmi bluetooth speaker

Currently it is no longer possible to use technological products on Amazon, due to the pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19) still in place. A few weeks ago, however, all users could safely purchase various devices on this platform, including several smart speaker. Among these, therefore, the most appreciated were precisely the Echo Dot, produced by the same company as Jeff Bezos and compatible with Alexa. It seems, therefore, that Xiaomi also wanted to take inspiration from this model, launching the new one ZMI Bluetooth Speaker.

ZMI Bluetooth Speaker has Bluetooth 5.0

zmi bluetooth speaker

According to the information that appeared on the net, this product really looks a lot like a Amazon Echo Dot. On an aesthetic level, in fact, these two products seem almost identical, although Xiaomi has decided to introduce on this branded device ZMI even RGB LEDs. Obviously, then, this device has the Bluetooh 5.0 and compatibility with the application Xiaomi Home.

The new Xiaomi speaker is also a 30W wireless charging base

At the audio level we find a 360 ° sound which should be given off by a speaker from 5W. Great peculiarity of this device, however, is the presence of the wireless charging from 20W. This allows, therefore, to recharge the battery of up to 50% Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro in less than 40 minutes. Excellent news, then, the fact that it is not necessary, at least according to what has been declared by the brand, to remove the cover to recharge the smartphone.

This ZMI Bluetooth Speaker it is sold on the Xiaomi, and Tmall websites at the price of 149 yuan, therefore approx 20 € at the current exchange rate.