The Xiaomi YouPin travel backpack is practical, elegant and costs only € 15

xiaomi youpin

New appointment with the Banggood offers that don't even stop on Sunday. Among the most interesting products, on offer flash, we find today the brand new backpack coming from the platform Xiaomi YouPin, backpack ideal for i travel and for hiking which will only be available for a few days 15 €, with a 48% discount. Are you curious to know all its peculiarities? Let's see them together!

The new Xiaomi YouPin backpack is on a flash offer at Banggood

xiaomi youpin

The flash goes up on the Banggood store, related to the new one Xiaomi YouPin backpack, impressed us for several reasons. As you may have understood from the title - explanatory in some respects - the new backpack offers at the same time the convenience of a travel bag, being able to fold (when empty) on itself and taking on the dimensions of a package of tissues, but also a strong impact aesthetic.

xiaomi youpin

As you can see and see from the images, in fact, once opened and filled it will not differ particularly from a normal backpack, particularly elegant in black color.

It is not just portability that makes this product ideal for hiking: the whole product is in fact made of ultra resistant nylon and light, so much so that it comes to weigh 215g, despite having a capacity of 20L.

Another reason to buy it? Definitely the price! As we have already mentioned in the opening phase, in fact, the product in question passes (thanks to the flash offer) from around € 30 to € 15, with a price cut of 48%. To buy it, all you have to do is click on the box below that will take you back to the product page.