Xiaomi confirms: the Super Charge Turbo 100W is not yet ready

xiaomi super charge turbo 100w

Smartphone batteries may not even be improved, but the same cannot be said for fast charging standards. After OnePlus, OPPO was the forerunner of the portentous Super VOOC from 50W, followed by Super VOOC 2.0 from 65W. Meanwhile, Huawei has tried to catch up with the SuperCharge from 40W. But it is Xiaomi who wanted to impress everyone with his own Super charge turbo from even 100, beating any record seen so far.

Upgrade 04 / 02: the CEOs of Xiaomi and Redmi affirm how the 100W rapid charging has entered the mass production phase. Find all the details at the end of the article.

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The Xiaomi Super Charge Turbo is getting closer and closer

This standard was discussed during the 2019 Mi Developer Conference, with the team of engineers who revealed new technical details about its operation. But the real curiosity is: when will it arrive? Also at the annual conference Xiaomi has removed any doubt about it: the Super Charge Turbo will arrive during the 2020.

We should not wait long, therefore, even if in reality the mass production of the first compatible smartphones was foreseen for this 2019. Let's not forget, however, that too Vivo wants to beat the competition with the Super FlashCharge, going even further until well 120.

Upgrade 04 / 02

Both Lei Jun of Xiaomi and Lu Weibing of Redmi are back to talk about the charging of the future, or the 100W Super Charge Turbo. A not so distant future, given that this technology is now in the mass production phase. However, at the moment the problems related to some factors remain, including the deterioration of the battery.

The first tests conducted on one 4000 mAh have shown that by charging a 100, they only employ 17 minutes for a full charge. In contrast, a 5000 mAh with 30W Power Delivery charging takes at least 1 hour. What changes between the two options is the wear of the battery: with the 100W, in fact, a 5000 mAh has one loss of 20% if compared to the 30W one. And in the long run this means going from 5000 mAh to 4000 mAh effective. In short, the work continues, but for a definitive solution we will have to wait a few more months.

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