Xiaomi celebrates reporters and gives them powerbanks

xiaomi malaysia powerbank

There are weeks of turmoil for politics Malaysiaafter Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad resigned a few days ago, both from the government and from the party. It follows that in many reporter are in action to keep the population updated on political implications. This he knows well Xiaomi, who in a move that knows both support and marketing, has decided to pay homage to them Powerbank.

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Xiaomi Malaysia rewards reporters in action by donating powerbanks for everyone

The reporters who were joined by the boys from Xiaomi Malaysia were stationed outside National Palace, the National Palace where the head of state resides, located in the capital Kuala Lumpur. The meeting was celebrated with the gift of powerbank from 20.000 mAh, with which reporters will be able to power their media capture devices. Also because many of these rely exclusively on their smartphone, without necessarily large cameras or attached microphones.

"You cover the news, we cover you! Thank you, unsung heroes!"Is the slogan that Xiaomi has used for this campaign. A move that certainly tastes of solidarity and that has been positively received on social media, even if there have been mischievous comments about wanting to advertise on this type of event.

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