Xiaomi Mijia Sonic Cleansing Device: facial cleansing has never been so smart!

xiaomi mijia sonic cleansing device

There is really no limit to what can be found on the market. Over the years, in fact, we have brought you often many different products, some also belonging to niche categories. Many were related topersonal hygiene, some allo leisure, still others in the world of home automation. Today, therefore, we see a product related to the first group of products mentioned earlier. It's about Mijia Sonic Cleansing Device, a device that can guarantee a truly effective facial cleansing.

Mijia Sonic Cleansing Device uses vibrations

xiaomi mijia sonic cleansing device

According to what is shown in these hours, it seems that Sonic Cleansing Device is able to guarantee a very effective facial cleansing. This product, in fact, is equipped with bristles soft that, in contact with the skin, they should be able to remove all impurities. Obviously, this device also serves as a movement system, which uses vibrations. With about 1.900 bristles and a frequency of 5.200 turns per minute, this little product will be your ally in skin care.

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That device supports one automatic cleaning mode that stops every 2 minutes, to allow you to change the face area. Obviously according to your skin you can take advantage of three different options, being able to choose between Sensitive, Daily e Care. This product also has an entrance USB Type-C for charging, implementing a battery from 400 mAh.

Xiaomi Mijia Sonic Cleansing Device is crowdfunded on Xiaomi Mall at the price of 99 yuan, so about 13 € at the current exchange rate.

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