Record for Xiaomi Mi TV: so many smart TVs never sold!

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All over the world we are witnessing a growing interest in Smart TV. After an initial decline, due to the greater interest in smartphones, the public is returning to appreciate the presence of a TV in the house. This is thanks to the possibility of exploiting them as a multimedia hub, as they are no longer necessarily exclusively linked to content via antenna or satellite dish. A concept that has permeated considerably in China in the 2000s, in favor of brands such as the Xiaomi Mi TV.

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In 2019 there was a new sales peak for the Xiaomi Mi TV

xiaomi mi tv record 2019

And it is precisely in the last 2019 that Xiaomi has marked an important milestone in its history related to smart TVs. The sales figures are clear: the company has managed to ship 10.46 million units over the past year. An incredible figure that marks a record not only for the company, but for the entire sector. To date, in fact, no company in China has managed to cross the 10 million mark. Always according to data provided by analysts, during 2019 1 in 5 smart TVs which was sold had Xiaomi brand, with a market share of 19.25%.

We also know that the most popular diagonals in purchases were those of 32 ″, 43 ″, 50 ″, 65 ″ and 70 ″, in which Xiaomi sold more than all competitors. We just have to wait and find out if Xiaomi will be able to impose itself also here in Italy, pending official marketing.

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