Xiaomi Mi Tab 5G: the first 5G tablet is coming | Leak

xiaomi mi pad 5g

For some time now, we have not heard of tablets brand Xiaomi. In recent days, in fact, an official confirmation has also arrived regarding this aspect. According to the latest declarations, therefore, also in 2020 no new models should be presented. It seems, however, that the rumors circulating on the net want to show another destiny. In short, in fact, the Chinese company could present the first device of this type with 5G, that is My Tab 5G.

Mi Tab 5G shows really thin frames!

xiaomi mi pad 5g

Some important information about it is appearing online Xiaomi Mi Tab 5G. From what we can see, therefore, it seems that in the near future the brand can launch this product, the first tablet 5G of the brand. From the aesthetic point of view, then, let's see how it is just a new device. It seems that the frames, in fact, they have been significantly reduced compared to the previous models. Despite this, this is not official news, so it is necessary to examine everything in a rather critical way.

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This tablet should show a bigger than 10 inches, perhaps even proposing a refresh rate equal to 144Hz. From the two images available to us, then, it seems that the selfie camera is not present from the front. We must say, however, that the two drawings popped up on the web they don't seem to be well made. These give the impression, in fact, of being more than anything else two "poorly done" renderings, based on the old models. We will see in the future, therefore, whether these doubts of ours will find a basis or not.

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