Xiaomi Mi 10 will have zoom, portentous OIS and 8K video

xiaomi mi 10 zoom

Xiaomi Mi 10 is about to be officially presented (and the stock exchange thanks) and will be the first top of the range to mount it Snapdragon 865. Obviously this will not be the only novelty mounted on board, with users who expect clear improvements for the photographic sector. And so it will be, at least in the process of zoom, as the first real photos taken and posted on Weibo by Vice President Lu Weibing himself.

11 / 02 Update: Xiaomi executives publish new samples dedicated to the top of the range coming soon. Find the details at the end of the article.

Upgrade 08 / 02: as evidenced from the official renderings of Mi 10, one of the novelties on which Xiaomi focuses is the possibility of recording videos in 8K.

06 / 02 Update: a video was posted on Twitter that may have been shot with the Xiaomi Mi 10. 

Xiaomi Mi 6 Pro: here are the images of the smartphone never made

The CEO shows us the first photos taken with the zoom of Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro?)

The snowy panorama near one of the Xiaomi buildings in Beijing was immortalized in the first photo, and then zoomed in on the Mitu figurines located below. We do not yet know what the focal length offered by the telephoto lens that we will find on Xiaomi Mi 10. will be. Considering what has been seen with Mi Note 10, it is highly probable that on the tenth generation of the flagship we will have one 5x optical zoom. There are also rumors of a possible step forward, with an even more advanced 10x optical zoom. But the truth that not even Samsung should succeed in this endeavor, with only Huawei (and perhaps OPPO) that could succeed in this endeavor.

We also know that Xiaomi Mi 10 will have a primary sensor from 108 MP. Therefore it cannot be excluded that such a resolution can be exploited to carry out extreme crops like the one in question. The fact is that the new top of the range could be enticed, but to a price not really for everyone.

Upgrade 05 / 02

The leaker Xiaomishka has posted a video recorded with an unspecified smartphone, asking if the stabilization is better than that of Mi 9. It is thought that it may therefore be Xiaomi Mi 10, from which stabilization is expected OIS + EIS more performing.

Upgrade 06 / 02

Another video, always posted by Xiaomishka, shows us the viewfinder of a brand new smartphone capable of enlarging the frame up to one zoom 50x. A feature already seen with Mi Note 10 but which will almost certainly also be brought to Mi 10.

Here are the new samples of the Mi 10 5G | Update 11/02

Xiaomi mi 10

Lei Jun has published a series of sample photos dedicated to Xiaomi Mi 10, complete with a watermark that confirms once again - if promotional posters were not enough - the presence of one Quad camera with a main sensor from 108 MP. Each image is accompanied by the respective crop, with a level of detail really not bad.

As revealed by the same company, the Mi 10 (and older brother Pro) will support the image format HEIF / HEIC, which promises 50% smaller files.

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