Xiaomi Mi CC10: first renderings of our Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite

xiaomi mi 10 lite xiaomi mi cc10

The Mi 10 series is officially among us, although to be honest it may not be complete. Starting from the eighth generation, a "Lite" model was added, addressing the mid-range range. One wonders, therefore, if there will be Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite and, if so, how will it differ from Mi 10. Being a model mostly thought for the western public, it could arrive in Asia in the form of Xiaomi Mi CC10. These early renders also suggest it, in which we are shown the possible design.

Xiaomi Mi CC10 like Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite: perforated display but different camera

Since the make it unofficiallet's take them more as a possible suggestion than as a concrete clue. We will most likely find the perforated display, now constant in the modern world of telephony. All around we see a fairly symmetrical border, although most likely the lower one would be more evident. At the top, then, we see the clipping needed for the ear capsule.

But to hold the bench is more the rear design, here very different from that of Mi 10. Instead of having a vertical arrangement, as well as Mi Note 10, we see a circular form positioned in the center of the back cover. This contains 4 sensors, while the LED flash is placed immediately below. The primary sensor is surrounded by the chromatic ring introduced in the last generation, in order to give a more original touch to the whole.

For the moment the suggestions on Xiaomi Mi CC10 aka Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite end here. On the hardware level, we can assume one of them Snapdragon 720G, 730G o 765G, together with 6 / 8 GB of RAM and 64 / 128 GB of storage.

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