Xiaomi Mi 10 opens to modding: kernel code available

xiaomi mi 10 pro

The event at MWC 2020 will not be there, but Xiaomi Mi 10 it's official and we know all about it, including the price that much is having discussion. Its main advantages? There camera el 'audio, both rewarded with praise by DxOMark, waiting for the competition from Huawei and OPPO to come forward. But another advantage that these two competitors cannot face is that of modding.

Xiaomi Mi 10 is the top thanks to a dizzying investment in R&D

Xiaomi releases the Xiaomi Mi 10 kernel code: green light for modding

The Xiaomi brand has always been a symbol of openness towards the modding community. This will not change with Xiaomi Mi 10, as evidenced by the release of the kernel source code. It was just a year ago when Xiaomi announced the desire to be more timely in providing the codes. Evidently the controversies raised by Francisco Franco, known in the modding sector, had the desired effect. Just a day after its launch, we can't wait for the Mi 10 to count on a well-fed modding park.

In the meantime, did you know that the first sales are gone sold out in a few seconds? And that the phone was sent to do the photographer in space?

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