Xiaomi Mi 10 is the top thanks to a mind-boggling investment in R&D

Xiaomi mi 10

The presentation event the Xiaomi Mi 10 it ended for a few hours and despite this, details and curiosities continue to arrive on the new flagships of the Chinese brand. The device has performed very well on DxOMark (also side audio) and offers a real “small” concentrate of technology. The reason? Obviously a dizzying investment in Research & Development, as revealed by Lei Jun.

Xiaomi Mi 10 is the result of investments in Research & Development and the company intends to aim even higher

xiaomi mi 10 pro

During the presentation, the CEO of the Chinese company pitted some data on the top of the range, revealing that the investment in Research & Development for the range Xiaomi Mi 10 it was about 1 billion yuan, equal to over 131 million euros at the exchange rate. During 2019 the company invested the beauty of 7.5 billion yuan (almost a billion euros) and the figures for 2020 will be just as sensational.

Lei Jun has announced that Xiaomi - for the current year - is going to aim well 10 billion yuan (over one billion euros) in the Research & Development division, in order to further improve the technological level of its products. Obviously, everything will not only include smartphones, but also 5G e IoT, offering an increasing range of advanced devices at an affordable price.

What do you think of Xiaomi's dizzying investments for R&D? According to you they paid off, even in the light of I MIX Alpha and of - future - quick charge from 100W?

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