Xiaomi Mi 10 has a camera problem and the fault ... is of the "Coronavirus"

Xiaomi mi 10

In spite of the Coronavirus emergency, the Chinese company has launched new Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro at home through an online event. The choice not to postpone the debut proved successful given the first results in terms of sales. However it seems that the revenge of the Coronavirus was not long in coming and that there is a problem with the camera indirectly connected to the Covid-19. Here's what's going on in these hours and the first statement from Lei Jun's company.

The company confirms an "anomalous" problem for the Xiaomi Mi 10 camera, but a fix is ​​coming

Xiaomi mi 10

According to what reported by the same company on Weibo, lo Xiaomi Mi 10 would have a software problem with the camera, a defect that will be easily resolved through a special one fixed released away OTA. The software development team is already at work but the real curiosity concerns the problem that afflicts the top of the range.

According to Xiaomi's statements, the Chinese media and our interpretative ability of the language, it seems that the Mi 10 is not ready to take photos of subjects who wear respiratory masks color blu. The images would be affected in the final quality due to a white balance tending to yellow. In short, the photos come completely yellowed if you wear a blue mask! And since in this period the Coronavirus emergency has forced Chinese users to resort to this solution as a preventive measure ... it is clear that the problem of the Mi 10 is making itself felt.

However, Lei Jun's company pointed out that an OTA update will arrive during the next week, in order to solve the thing. Obviously we reiterate that the problem is not very clear, despite having been confirmed by the company, and therefore we will update the article if there were more details.

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