Xiaomi Jeeback G2 review: the massager that shakes you

xiaomi jeeback review

That Xiaomi is a leading company in many ecosystems is now certain. Precisely for this reason we have fun exploring and trying all the devices of the brand. The last in order of time is just it Xiaomi Jeeback G2, product dedicated to cervical massage that stands out for its smart properties and low price. Will he be able to convince us in everyday use? Find out in our full review.

Xiaomi Jeeback G2 review


Lo Xiaomi Jeeback G2 it comes in the classic white packaging of the brand. Inside we find the instruction manual (in Chinese, but with explanatory images), USB Type-C cable used for charging and, of course, the smart massager with attached remote control.

Constructive quality

xiaomi jeeback review

Just like all products belonging to the ecosystem Xiaomi, also the Jeeback G2 offers a truly enviable build quality. The product, which weighs only 190 grams, well distributed, it is built in soft TPU and rubber, so as to adhere perfectly to the neck and not irritate the skin.

xiaomi jeeback review

In addition, the particular conformation to L of the product of Xiaomimeasuring 140 x 85 x 148 mm - manages to position itself on any type of surface and, more precisely, on packages of any size. Design and construction quality are - as mentioned - at the top and this will allow you to use the product for several tens of minutes without causing any problems. In our case we have used the product for several weeks, for several hours a day, and the Jeeback G2 did not find any signs of wear.

Functionality and user experience

xiaomi jeeback review

Ours has been a skeptical approach: rarely products dedicated to wellness manage to combine price and quality, however Xiaomi Jeeback G2 made us change our mind. This is because thanks to the many modes of use, selectable directly from the app We Home, the product in question allows to alleviate various ailments such as excessive tension in the neck muscles, poor blood circulation, dizziness and headache.

The masseur smart from Xiaomi, thanks to the three main electrodes offers four massage modes, settable on 15 degrees of intensity.

  • loop: it is a mix of the three single massage modes, the classic one that simulates a thumb massage, acupuncture that offers smaller and regular "shakes" and the scraping mode;
  • Kneading: simulates the classic massage with the thumbs, also called impasto;
  • scarping: offers an experience similar to Thai massage and it is the modality that has a more immediate impact than the others;
  • Acupuncture: simulates acupuncture and offers intermittent relief, with regular intervals.

Also, using the low collar frequency TENS you will also have the possibility to set automatic heating. In solo 3 secondsin fact, the product will reach i 42 ° and, given the structure, the heat will radiate quickly over the entire surface of the neck. We have already said that the device is controllable via the Mi Home app which, however, must be set by selecting the China region. After logging in to the Chinese variant, you just have to do the pairing via device and the device will be directly ready for use.

xiaomi jeeback review

With intense use, made of sessions of about half an hour a day, the product lasted for a week before completely discharging. For the recharge from 0 to 100% it took - instead - 2 hours. Furthermore, to preserve autonomy, the electrodes will stop working after about 60 seconds of non-contact.

Xiaomi Jeeback G2 - Conclusions

Xiaomi Jeeback G2 in short, it turns out to be a device that can come in handy in different situations throughout the day and can be used both at home and at work, even more so if you carry out sedentary jobs.

The product is available at the price of around € 50 and, as already mentioned on several occasions, given the construction quality and the effective usefulness, it seems to us an excellent device, to be taken into consideration to relieve the most common neck pain and more.