Xiaomi Flexwarm heating scarf review: a cuddle against the cold

xiaomi flexwarm scarf review

Already in the past we have reported you reviews of self-heating Xiaomi products. After jacket and sleeveless Xiaomi, it is the turn of the brand's rechargeable scarf. Also Xiaomi Flexwarm will it have surprised us how the products we tried previously? Find out in our full review.

Xiaomi Flexwarm heating scarf review


Unlike most of the Xiaomi products, the self-heating scarf comes in a simple film, accompanied only by the mini Power Bank da 2500 mAh and the charging cable Micro USB.

Build quality and materials

The self-heating scarf Xiaomi Flexwarm, with dimensions of 800 x 110 mm it shows up more like a pillow that wraps around the neck and shoulders that like a real scarf. Despite the small size, however, thanks to an insert placed on the left end and a magnetic button, the scarf will always be firmly on the neck, offering the right protection.

xiaomi flexwarm scarf review

The external materials are also particularly comfortable, given the use of the cotton Dupont, easily washable. In addition, the heating accessories are perfectly integrated into the product design and do not cause any kind of nuisance. More precisely, the mini power bank has a dedicated housing, accessible with a zip and the central resistance, which is foldable, is practically "invisible".

Operation and user experience

xiaomi flexwarm scarf review

La Xiaomi Flexwarm offers three heating modes and - thanks to the chip flex warm present inside the central coil - manages to reach them all within a maximum of 5 seconds. As we have already mentioned, you will have the possibility to select three different temperatures, according to the need and you can easily do it from the central button.

Once the product is switched on, with the indicator Blue LED the scarf will reach a temperature of 42 °. By clicking again you can access the "Orange Mode" which reaches 48 ° and - lastly - it passes to "Red Mode" to 55 °. Thanks to the internal temperature control sensors, then, you will not have any risk related to the overheating of the product.

xiaomi flexwarm scarf review

At this point you are wondering - given the presence of the power bank from 2500 mAh - how long it will last in terms of autonomy. Also in this respect the product is satisfactory: you can use it for about 5 hours consecutively, and will take two and a half hours to fully charge.

Xiaomi Flexwarm - Conclusions

The "mini" self-heating scarf Xiaomi Flexwarm, sold for approx 30€ from the Banggood store, in our opinion it can be considered a functional best buy. This is because given the small size, even when worn under the coat it will not create too much thickness and, at the same time, in particularly rigid periods you can use it safely even at home!