Xiaomi 8H Clean: here is the new waterproof sofa on Xiaomi YouPin

xiaomi 8h clean

When it comes to accessories, Xiaomi responds. Since this brand has decided to offer itself in other sectors, in fact, it has met with great success. Which is why, only later, he decided to open a platform crowdfunding in his name, called Xiaomi YouPin, including many different products inside. Among these, therefore, sometimes there are also furnishing accessories, such as i sofas. So let's find out more about this product developed by 8H.

YouPin amazes everyone with an antibacterial sofa

xiaomi 8h clean

From what we can see on the dedicated page, it seems that this sofa, named 8H Clean, is absolutely immune to any type of dirt. Thanks to its particular fabric, in fact, it allows you to sleep soundly, without the worry that some liquid may stain it. This, in fact, also has a layer waterproof which does not allow water to pass through the fibers. Just pass a cloth over the affected area and no stain will remain.

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xiaomi 8h clean

This product is also modular. So, in case you are not interested in the whole complex, you could only buy a part of it. Currently, however, the crowdfunding campaign is not yet open, but is scheduled for March 26. In any case, however, the price for the single armchair will be around 499 yuan 65 € at the current exchange rate. It will then go to 1.799 yuan for the double unit, therefore 235 €. Finally, the whole complex will cost 1.999 yuan, therefore 261 € about.

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