Xiaomi 3Life Shoes Dryer review: the best ally for your shoes

xiaomi 3life shoes dryer review

The home ecosystem of Xiaomi it is dotted with many useful products in daily use. One of them is the mini shoe sterilizer, lo Xiaomi 3Life which - with the use of heat, aims to eliminate most of the bacteria and dehumidify the shoes. Will the product, which proved to be comfortable and particularly easy to use, have fully fulfilled its duty? Find out in our full review.

Xiaomi 3Life Shoes Dryer review


The small shoe sterilizer Xiaomi 3Life Shoes Dryer arrives in a rectangular, cardboard box, ready to use. You can extract the product directly from the box and insert it into the home plug, so it will be ready for use. Attached to the product you will find only a small instruction manual, in Chinese.

Design and construction quality

Lo Shoes Dryer di Xiaomi has an ergonomic and attractive design. For the occasion, the company 3Life opted for material in Resistant ABS at high temperatures and the result is pleasant. The type of plastic used, in fact, is not affected by high temperatures and while keeping the product in operation for a long time, you can easily extract it from your shoes. At the same time, in case the shoes have bad smells or are wet, the plastic of the Shoes Dryer it will not absorb in the least bad smells and humidity.

In addition, the small size - 190 x 62 x 28.5 mm for 280 grams - they will allow you to store the two accessories, which are connected by the power supply, more or less in all types of shoes. Even with prolonged use of several weeks, components and plastics have not been affected at all, reflecting the excellent construction quality of the product.

Operation and user experience

As we have already mentioned in the presentation phase, the product Xiaomi 3Life is very simple to use. Just plug it into the power supply (with adapter, since it will come with a Chinese plug) and the product will start working.

The device in question, thanks to the internal resistances, will be able to reach a high temperature, around 60 ° degrees, which will remain constant using the appropriate chip. By keeping the temperature, all you need is a use of about 15 minutes to dehumidify your shoes.

Lo Xiaomi 3Life it requires such a short time thanks to the particular perforated design that allows a delivery to 360 ° of heat. Even if you have your shoes completely wet, the product will help you enormously, drying them completely in just under two hours. Furthermore, thanks to the LED light placed inside, we will be able to understand (even in the distance) if it is Shoes Dryer is still running or not.

My experience with the product in question has been particularly positive, although necessary clarifications should be made. First of all, it will be a good idea to start using the sterilizer, at least the first time, after washing your shoes. The device of Xiaomiin fact, it will have the desired effect in the presence of slight humidity: on the contrary, it will struggle to fulfill its duty, even generating the opposite effect and expanding bad smells throughout the entire room.

Xiaomi 3Life Shoes Dryer - Conclusions

xiaomi 3life shoes dryer review

Do you happen to have sweaty feet and wet shoes at the end of the day? The Xiaomi 3Life Shoes Dryer - then - it will be for you. With a short but constant use over the days, in fact, it is Shoes Dryer it will help you keep your shoes free from moisture and bad smells. The device is available for purchase from the store Banggood at a price of approx 12€.