FuntouchOS 10 will arrive late due to Covid-19

FuntouchOS 10

For some time there has been persistent talk about the new interface of the devices vivo, or the FuntouchOS 10. This should implement some new features, as well as completely renewed graphics, giving new luster to some recent smartphones. All the test tanks of the case should have started later this week, but the new epidemic Coronavirus (Covid-19) also appears to have brought this program to its knees. Therefore, significant delays are expected in the release of this software.

Vivo NEX 3 will receive the public beta in a few days

FuntouchOS 10

According to the latest rumors, it seems that the first public beta in Casa del FuntouchOS 10 was delayed precisely because of the Coronavirus. From what we could understand, in fact, this should have been released already during this week. It therefore seems that several Vivo-branded smartphones will have to wait longer than the deceased. Among these, in fact, we find NEX 3, NEX 3 5G, NEX S, NEX Dual Display, X27 and X27 Pro.

Vivo Watch: registered the name of the first wearable of the brand

Con la nuova FuntouchOS 10 all the new features of Android 10, which have already been implemented on many other competing systems. There will therefore be new animations, best gesture, one smoother navigation and new icons. All this, however, will probably have to wait a few days, trying to understand how the situation linked to the epidemic develops.

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