Tranya Rimor review: low-cost headphones, with cancellation of environmental noise

Tranya Rimor

currently the true wireless headphones they are absolutely dominating the smartphone accessories market. Many manufacturers, therefore, are launching themselves in the creation of increasingly innovative and better models from the qualitative point of view. Not everyone, however, manages to offer a relationship quality price noteworthy. There are many users, in fact, who are looking for the most satisfactory product, at the lowest possible price. These Tranya Rimortherefore, they could be the answer to this type of people, providing a good technical sector within small dimensions. How did they perform in our tests? Have they really lived up to expectations? Find out in ours Full review.

Tranya Rimor review


We are not faced with a particularly rich sales box. Inside, in fact, they find space:

  • Tranya Rimor;
  • earphone charging case;
  • short instruction manual;
  • USB / USB Type-C charging cable;
  • three different pairs of spare rubbers, size S, M or L.

Design & Materials

Taking a look at these true wireless earbuds, we notice one construction really good. In all respects, in fact, these return an excellent sense of solidity, despite being completely coated with plastic. As reported on the official website, then, the weight is really low. In fact, every single cap weighs only 4,5 grams, while the charging case shows a weight of about 44 grams. Once worn, therefore, they are absolutely not uncomfortable. These show, however, a in-ear design, therefore you will have to try to find the exact size for your ear pavilions. Inside the package, therefore, you will find three different pairs of grommets, with size S, M or L. Looking at the dimensions of the headphones, then, let's see how they measure 25,4 x 15,2 x 15,2 mm.

On the top these caps have a shiny part, which shows the company logo. They also have well two microphones, as well as gods pin for charging. About this aspect, I must admit that the connection with your case is perfect, although in my opinion they are a bit difficult to extract from the charging base. The latter, then, has a magnetic closure of good workmanship, but that absolutely does not make you shout at the miracle. Going to look at the back, then, we also notice an entrance USB Type-C. Frontally, however, they were introduced 4 LED status indicators, which indicate the charging of the headphones.

Each of the units also features a notification LED on the top, below the glossy surface with the company logo. This serves to indicate, therefore, the actual connection with the smartphone. When the earphones are placed in the case, this component is colored with red, while in operation we will see only the blue.

Connectivity & Pairing

With these Tranya Rimor you can connect to your smartphone quickly and easily. In fact, this pair of earphones has a module Bluetooth 5.0, which allows you to maintain good stability even when moving several meters from the phone. Therefore, I have never encountered a sudden disconnection of the product.

Tranya Rimor

At a distance greater than 10 meters from your device, however, the signal will be lost. Despite this, when the two devices are close together, the operation is flawless. Testing these headphones also for watching some videos on YouTube also, I was able to find one latency really minimal, almost imperceptible. You will not have the feeling, therefore, of not being synchronized with the images.

Audio & Gesture

There is no space inside them hardware too sophisticated. These do not have, for example, proximity sensors. This implies the fact that when the song we were listening to is removed from our ears it continues to flow in the background. However, they are still equipped with gesture on both units. So with a single tap, yes start a song, or pause it. By holding down on the right earphone for about 2 seconds, then, you go to the next track, while with the left unit you go back in the playlist. In case you want to answer one call all you have to do is hold until the conversation starts. With a triple tap on one of the two units, finally, you will activate your voice assistant, be it Google Assistant o Siri. In the earphones you will find all the information you have requested by voice, just as if you did it directly from your smartphone. All functions that, testing them for several days, have always returned a good feedback. You will only need to plug with some precision on the top of the headphones, to avoid that the command is not received.

Tranya Rimor

From the point of view Audio, however, they are headphones that return one good quality. In my point of view, however, the bass is slightly too marked, slightly unbalancing the performance of these earphones. Compared to other more noble products, such as Huawei Freebuds Lite, these Tranya Rimor offer a more muffled, almost less crystal clear sound. Although each Android smartphone has different characteristics, on Realme X2 Pro in many cases I was forced to set the maximum volume. On other devices, like Google Pixel 4 things went slightly better, being able to perceive clearer audio and at a higher volume. Inside, however, there is a space driver da 10 mm able to offer a very wide frequency range, from 20Hz to 20.000Hz. on the site, moreover, a clear reference is made to a system of cancellation of environmental noises particularly effective. I find, however, that this is not so important, still having difficulty understanding whether it is really active or not. Thanks to their in-ear design, in fact, they already isolate very well fromexternal environment, and this system is not particularly effective. Therefore, I would not base the judgment on this pair of earphones on this feature.

I feel to judge them, therefore, in a rather positive way, given that also in the reproduction of streaming songs, as on SpoTIFY, I have not registered any problems. We will talk about it later but if we analyze the value for money we are absolutely on a good level.


They have been declared 5 hours of continuous listening in headphones. In everyday use, however, reaching this figure will be difficult, especially maintaining a high volume. I managed to touch, in fact, 3 hours and 30 minutes of use, until the time has come to put them back inside the case to recharge them. With this case, in fact, it will be possible to have them available again after only an hour, since in any case on board the individual units there is only one battery to 50mAh. Inside the case, however, we have 500mAh, which therefore can guarantee different charging cycles. The latter, however, to reach 100% takes about 1 45 hours and minutes.

By taking advantage of these headphones in a less reckless way, keeping the volume more bass, it may also be possible to reach 4 hours and 30 minutes of continuous listening. In the event that even on your smartphone you should detect a low volume, however, it will be impossible to get to this minute.

Price & Conclusions

Tranya Rimor are currently proposed with a list price of dollars 79,99 (Official site). If we take a look on Amazon Italy, however, you can find them on sale for 59,99 euros. This is a figure, therefore, not entirely in line with the quality expressed. I believe that a more focused price would be around 39,99 euros, which could really apply to one of the best products in its category in this price range.

This is not the best economic model on the market. From the audio point of view, in fact, they return an average quality, without being particularly exalted in some aspect. However, they are compact, comfortable headphones that also have good autonomy.

Tranya Rimor - Tranya

Tranya Rimor are the new true wireless headphones with good value for money. Buy them now with this coupon!

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