The Xiaomi Deerma portable kettle thermos is in discount with Coupon

Xiaomi Deerma portable kettle thermos

Having a thermos in your bag is always a pleasure, so you can always have your hot drink on hand. Yet for Lei Jun's companions it is not enough and offers without delay a product that doubles its usefulness: the portable kettle thermos of Xiaomi Deerma!

Thermos and kettle: 2 products in 1 with Xiaomi Deerma | Coupon

Xiaomi Deerma portable kettle thermos

The device - as usual - comes directly from Xiaomi YouPin and it is registered Deerma, one of the company's brand partners (e already known to fans). For the sake of precision, we would like to point out that the boiler thermos is capable of reaching a temperature of up to 90 °, while still touching the function of a classic boiler. In short, you want to use it to make tea on the fly and you need the water to reach an adequate temperature, the result is guaranteed.

The inside of the thermos is lined with 304 stainless steel, while in terms of capacity and space, the product has small dimensions (350 ml, 76 x 76 x 222 mm). The product is discounted on Banggood complete with Coupon: at the bottom you will find both the purchase link and the code to be used.

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DR035 - Banggood

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-DR035 350 mL electric thermos

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